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Grant Stovel started his days at CKUA filling in for the graveyard shift host (it was Baba back then!) In those early days he would leave work in the wee hours of the morning. It makes him laugh that he now finds himself walking in to the CKUA building at the same time he used to leave it. In the years in-between, he’s hosted or filled-in for most everything on-air at CKUA.

Music has always been a huge part of Grant’s life. “For as long as I can remember, it’s felt to me like one of the most meaningful forces in the universe,” he says.

The feeling of connection it created led Grant to become a passionate music fan, to take up drumming, and to start sharing his love of music through community radio.

He began the latter through volunteering at the University of Alberta's campus radio station, CJSR, hosting a blues show alongside another self-taught DJ -- his late father, Dr. Bruce Stovel. To this day, Grant still volunteers at the station, hosting Calling All Blues every Wednesday night.

Grant spent most of his 20s and 30s playing music full-time, drumming in a bunch of different blues/country/rock’n’ roll/’who-knows-what-the-heck-else’ settings, both here in Alberta and across North America. He still freelances as a drummer, playing with various regional and touring groups.

He joined CKUA in 2006. A lifelong listener, he says it was a thrill to join the gang.

“There's nothing in the world quite like it!” he says of CKUA. “The rather unlikely success story of CKUA came about through a 90-odd-year-long series of wacky happenstances and massive sacrifices. And it's ours. We get to enjoy it. We get to keep it. And we get to be the torchbearers. I cherish that.”

When he’s not playing music, either on his drum kit or over the airwaves, what does Grant like to do? “I love to go out and catch live music! Plus, reading, walking, family life, and trying to get less laughably bad at cooking and dancing (though not simultaneously...yet!)” he says.

What are three go-to songs that inspire Grant?
"Carry It On" by Buffy Sainte-Marie
"Roll Away" by Birds of Chicago
"You Got Me Singing" by Leonard Cohen

What is an interesting detail you might not know about Grant?
An anagram of his full name, Grant Foster Stovel, is "leftover angst rots". (Which is a full sentence! It also happens to be his personal motto. And the first part of his personal email address.) They're not quite as cool, but Grant is also partial to "Flattest Governors" "Snag Leftover Torts."

Alberta Morning
Whatever your unique disposition, Alberta Morning may just be the perfect elixir to get your weekday off to a great start. You can expect to hear a variety of sounds from across genres, around the globe, and throughout many musical generations — all the way up to music from right now, from right here in Alberta. It's a blend of classic, well-loved sounds to ease you into your day, alongside fresh flavours and textures to get your imagination fired up. Plus, backstories behind the songs and musicians. Throw in the occasional interview and live performance, and well, every morning is a new adventure!

Hidden Track
During each episode of Hidden Track, host Grant Stovel sits down with musicians and industry insiders, each handpicked for their proximity to what really happens when human beings set out to create the art/science/magic that is music. Listen to full episodes of the Hidden Track Podcast.

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