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Music permeates almost every corner of Erin Ross’s life. “I spend all day every day playing, talking about, thinking about, teaching, and listening to music,” she says. It makes sense, considering that Erin is a guitar player, band leader, music instructor and radio host. A seasoned performer, her guitar picking and singing have been heard on stages across western Canada. Blues, rock, country and jazz are the foundation of her performance work. With four records released, No Rhyme, Sweet Thing, Another Empty Day and Erin Ross and The Martian Time Slip, Erin’s work has received attention and acclaim, with airplay across Canada.

Erin’s first foray into radio was in high school, where she created a weekday morning program on her school’s five-watt radio station. Fast-forward a number of years and she began volunteering at CJSW, the University of Calgary’s radio station, where she currently hosts a guitar-focused show, The Six String Variety Hour. She joined the CKUA gang in 2018. For her listeners on CKUA, she likes to play a mix of lyrical and instrumental music. ‘I feel they balance each other out,” she says. “When I am tuned into the radio I always find myself wishing there were more instrumental tunes.”

What are three go-to songs that inspire Erin?
"The Claw" by Jerry Reed
"Midnight  Rider" by The Allman  Brothers
"Bellbottoms" by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

What is an interesting detail you might not know about Erin?
Listeners might be surprised to learn that Erin is a diehard football fan. “It’s hands-down my favourite sport and entertainment beyond music,” she says.

The Departure Lounge
The Departure Lounge is a musical space that can lead to a variety of new destinations. Join host Erin Ross as she explores the distinct sounds voices of the world's musical communities as well as the geography, the ideas, and the themes that inspire musicians to create.

Tuesday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Erin Ross

Alternative, Eclectic