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You Are Never Alone

Did you know your donation supports CKUA to broadcast to 700 communities around the world, including 348 in Alberta? You are part of a thriving vibrant community. Be sure to re-visit this page often throughout the year to see the growing list of a million reasons to Fall for CKUA.

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I’d be lost without CKUA. You all highlight so many moments of my day, me week, my month! – Stephanie, Chestermere

I first found CKUA 47 years ago when I purchased my first car which came with an FM Radio. Since then, it has been my go to station. – Andre, Edson

Where to start on my feelings for CKUA? I’ve been listening for over 30 years. It’s the only thing on in our house during the day. We love it. Back in 1997, during the dark (silent) times, I too felt that CKUA was radio worth fighting for. It was true then and now. At the time I resolved that I would give at least “a dollar a day for CKUA”. I’ve kept that pledge all these years, and them some when I could. I am a monthly donor but I’ve just sent in another one time shot to help out in these hard times. Use it in good health. We are fortunate that CKUA is one of the radio stations included with our Telus Optik TV service – channel 7046. It’s another great way to listen. Stay safe and keep doing what you’re doing! – Dan and Jody, Nanaimo BC

Just want to say, CKUA has got me through these times well, in the car or at home. Love Baba for sure! And many others. So much better than that national broadcast company, that has “covid-itis” endlessly…Thanks for your promotion of culture and the arts in Alberta! Best wishes – Doug, Canmore

We’ve been monthly donors for about 20 years, and have watched the mighty CKUA evolve and change with the times. It’s gotten us through self isolation, missed birthdays and anniversaries during Covid. Thanks for all you do! – Willy, Okanagan Falls

Because it’s the best curated shows you will ever hear on the radio. World class!! Thanks CKUA – Lindon, Medicine Hat

I listen to CKUA at home and in my car, and I really appreciated it while I spent fourteen days in quarantine, but I enjoy CKUA at all times, day and night. – Joyce, Clairmont

Keep on keepin on CKUA!! I’ve been a fan for at least a decade, you guys have broadened my musical horizon in so so many ways. – Jordan, Fort McMurray

I love the global community that CKUA promotes. It indeed affects the quality of each day by providing a break from the tsunami of noise that presently surrounds us. – Linda, Lethbridge

Thanks CKUA for just making life better. – Garry, Calgary

I was with my granddaughter today and we danced to CKUA tunes. I want to dance with Lyla on her 10th birthday and her 20th birthday. This donation is for Lyla. – Janette, Leduc

We listen daily, it helps us get through the day! So many programs that we enjoy during the day and evenings, especially Classical, Jazz and weekends! We barely watch TV and almost always have music on in the background. – Jim and Claire, Lethbridge

We hear Music and Creativity all the time that is Inspiring, Eclectic, Invigorating, Exciting, Thought-Provoking, Culturally Rich and spans listening interest from babes in arms, impressionable kids to teens, and on into the adult spectrum who dance in the kitchen and anywhere, to the joy of Music. What a Gift that is! – Gramma Geo, Calgary

CKUA has been in my life for as long as I can remember as it was my moms favorite station while I was growing up. I remember hearing the fundraising drives, intrigued by the wide range of music and the great hosts. It’s now a full circle as I listen to CKUA with my new son, taking the opportunity to immerse him in to the diverse musical experience CKUA offers to its listeners. – Daria, Edmonton

CKUA is the croissant that goes with my coffee in the morning, and is a companion during the day. Self-employed and a struggling artist, my home office/studio always has CKUA playing. Thank you. – Bob, Banff

I started listening to CKUA shortly before it went off the air in the ‘90’s. I recall coming home from an evening out and the house was quiet, no music. It was eerie and I felt slightly panicky, how could this wonderful radio station have gone off the air? When they finally came back on the air I started contributing and have contributed ever since. I don’t ever want to hear that empty radio space again. Needless to say I have continued to listen on Vancouver Island ever since I moved here 20 years ago. Such a special radio station, I feel like they’re part of my family. You obviously impact many people’s lives as witnessed by the many different places, countries people donate from. – Irene, Comox, BC

The greatest radio station on the planet. I call it a Liberal education in music. It has so richly changed my life. – Paul, Vancouver, BC

Awesome illuminaries in the human form of show hosts. Such a diversity of interests & perspectives. Love it!! – Ralph, Edmonton, AB

I was camping at Glacier National Park in 1998 and discovered CKUA. I live in California and I have been a monthly donor for years. It’s almost always on in our house. – Maureen, Fort Bragg, CA

Picking this up in Spain this morning. As a passionate kd fan I found this fabulous station via a fb fan group. Thank you Alberta and Canada! – Sal, Spain

We moved to Alberta in 1985 and have been listening to CKUA since. I remember seeing KD Lang at the Sutherland Inn in Claremont – David, AB

The music this week and especially today has been fantastic. Danced and sang all day and donated 3 times – Debra

I can’t imagine my life without CKUA – Cheyrl, Brooks, AB

A $2.3M combined cost to create and broadcast more than thirty (30) curated programs across the provincial FM transmitter network and live stream

CKUA is powered by a strong community, united by a shared love of music, arts and culture. Your donation keeps thousands of people in Alberta, and around the world connected, ever important in today’s socially distanced society. When you give, you directly contribute to a combined two point three million dollar annual cost to connect you with enriching programming, and our community with FM radio and live streaming. Become a donor today at

“I have been enjoying CKUA for over 40 years now. my first son was born at home with ‘the old disc jockey’ on the air. i would be devastated if this precious gem were to fall silent. i’ve been listening daily for a long long time, and i really appreciate the genuine and sincere community that you are supporting and nurturing. the programmers are all so knowledgeable, i have discovered so so many new performers through listening to CKUA. Long may you run!!!” – Gerry, Regina SK

“I love the variety of voices I get to hear on CKUA. Nothing else like it, and one of the best things about our province is the ability to pick it up everywhere on a road trip.” – Paige, Lethbridge

“My playlists bear CKUA’s stamp as a testament to local, regional, and international artists that I would never have grown to love had it not been for the quality programming. Quite simply, thank you for shining a light on artistic corners that need all the support possible in these days of shuttered concert halls and local music haunts.” – Jason, Calgary

“A while ago I was working out in my shop and the radio (CKUA always) went off air for a few minutes. It sure made me think About how much I rely on this radio service” – Vernon, Carstairs

“We love listening from Victoria BC now as it keeps us connected to Alberta with all of your varied music. Love it all.” – Marian and Blair, Victoria

“We discovered CKUA this summer on a road trip through the Peace River area and were instantly big fans. Now we listen at home online every day. Love your station. Keep up the great work!” – Anne and Jim, Sun Peaks, BC

“I hold CKUA entirely responsible for my ten billion song collection.” – Anonymous, Calgary

“CKUA is the depth to my darkness, and the light to my brightness. Without it, I would be a simple grey.” – Sean, Calgary

It takes many hands to create and tell a story on-air and online

Did you know that your donation supports a whole team of CKUA professionals who work in production, programming, IT, engineering, and marketing? Nearly a thousand dollars is required to deliver each broadcast hour of music and conversation. So the next time you hear an hour of programming that inspires you or makes you tap your toes, think of all the care that went into bringing it to the air! Visit to donate today.


“I’m continuing to love and value CKUA, especially in a strange time. CKUA’s community, music and stories continue to sustain us, and keep us rocking. Keep up the great work. Truly a community bound together by its hosts. You guys are treasures.” – Myles, Kamloops, BC

“My main radio station for years! I actually declined a free Sirius subscription on a new vehicle purchase this summer, because I know CKUA can’t be beat.” – Jacqueline, Calgary, AB

“Listening to the station is like coming home, no matter where I am.” – Georges, Millet, AB

“Our family has been listening to CKUA for decades. The station is like a musical cousin. My son and I have been enjoying Full Circle every Friday as we head to and from our farm doing deliveries into Calgary all summer long. What an amazing show.” – Marcus, Sarah, Samuel, Boaz, Didsbury, AB

“Listening to CKUA keeps me connected to my old life in Edmonton. I listen to the station all the time here in Cambridge, Britain. Love the music I learn about and the huge diversity in shows across the station. Couldn’t imagine life without you! Thank you!” – Cameron, Cambridge, UK

“My wife and I have a ‘mixed marriage’. I like country music and she likes, well—anything else. With CKUA there is no fighting for the dial. At 107.7, we find great programs to fit the tastes of each.” – John, Red Deer, AB

“CKUA has been a part of my daily life for about 27 years now. It sets a tone for my day and helps to re-set my mental wellness throughout the day. Moving and singing along to the music and listening to the knowledgeable CKUA hosts is so uplifting.” – Valerie, Calgary, AB

“Your music programming, intelligent and soulful commentary, and even the tiny 60 second segments like Green Energy Future or [music & health] help me retain that truly Canadian community spirit since moving from Calgary years ago. I can’t believe I have been listening to CKUA for 28 years already! It all started at the Canmore Folk Festival in 1992 seeing James Keelaghan on stage after being introduced to him on CKUA.” – Stan, Louisville, KY

“Growing up my partner was confused, how could a radio station play orchestral music one hour and folk roots the next? Keeping it fresh and diverse has expanded our musical tastes sometimes in surprising ways. Thank you CKUA!” – Emily & Kai, Banff, AB

“Thanks for promoting artists around the globe, including Australia” – Anne, Wollongong, NSW, Australia


“I was delighted to discover CKUA in 2004 and have never changed the dial. Since moving to remote work I’ve actually reverted to listening on the radio. It’s comforting, as are the voices of the wonderful hosts who keep me connected to the wide world of music and culture. Thank you so much for all that you do!” – Brigitte, Calgary, AB

“CKUA has been a treasure in the past, and a gift help us push through this pandemic.” – Aurora, Calgary, AB

“I really appreciate a wide range of music and with the ability to experience the DJ’s personal style and preferences as well. New artists with unique songs expose me to uplifting stories of overcoming challenges. The frequency 91.3 reaches deep into the valleys around Rosebud, Drumheller and Hanna where few other FM stations are consistent in their coverage.” – Anonymous, Rosebud, AB

“You know there are 4.4 mm people in Alberta. I know this is probably a big ask, but if just 10,000 of us donated $100 you’d reach the million dollar mark. There has to be more than 10,000 people that listen to CKUA in Alberta and around the world. Well hopefully I got this started by being 1 of the 10,000 people that listens to this fantastic station and donated $100. Imagine if this station falls off the air. Hard to imagine that. Let’s make sure CKUA is funded and will keep going! Your playlist is so broad there isn’t a bad song on it.” – Kent, Toronto ON

“I’ve been listening for over 50 years. It’s wonderful to have CKUA streamed so I can listen out here on the island.” – Tom, Victoria, BC

“Listener supported radio connects us to arts and music. This is vital for a growing and thriving healthy community, and connection to one another.  – Dillon, Calgary AB

“Another reason to fall for CKUA is the jazz, and deep knowledge of the broadcasters across all genres. Special shout to Kodi and his awesome continuing program!” – Dallas, Calgary AB

“Love the music and the hosts—but especially jazz & Kodi’s show (and David Ward’s huge support of Kodi and of jazz)!” – Glenda, Calgary, AB

Time For Jazz has been my go to program for many years. Thank you Kodi!” – Jim, Calgary, AB

“I listen at all different times of day, many different shows. Love it!” – Ted, Calgary, AB

“I love CKUA because it plays classical music (but I also love the jazz programming and The Road Home). I learn a lot whenever I listen to CKUA. It’s such a valuable part of our Albertan community. Thank you!” – Antonia, Edmonton, AB

“CKUA has always been a joy to wake up to as well as listening when doing daily chores, relaxing with a good book or partying along to on the Friday Night Blues!” – Tami, Edmonton, AB

“I need a fresh influx of great new music and CKUA provides that for me along with the perfect smattering of favourites. I think this is the best radio station in the world!” – Anonymous, Edmonton, AB

“A reason to fall for CKUA is the wide range of musical selections, and the very knowledgeable hosts of all shows.” – Bob, Edmonton, AB

“CKUA wins my soul, brings new music, and information about the musicians. (I had heard K’Naan on CKUA radio. Then, I saw him in 2019 at Interstellar Rodeo in Edmonton. I was moved to tears hearing his unique voice and messages relayed by the Somalian rap singer/poet/instrumentalist.)” – Lynn, Viking, AB

“So important to hear music which is not of the Pop Culture playlist. So important to hear good musicians and good Canadian Musicians.” – Anonymous, Calgary, AB

“I love the variety of songs that are played, and the fact that many local artists are highlighted. I have purchased many CD’s as a result of music I have heard on CKUA (e.g. Nina Simone, The Mavericks, Pavlo). I turn on this radio station many times a day, and most importantly when I am driving on the highway. It always puts me in a good mood.” – Eva, Calgary, AB

“CKUA brings joy every time I turn on the radio. It is truly a ray of sunshine and helps keep us sane. Thank you” – Anonymous, Calgary, AB

“I moved from Calgary to the Niagara region of Ontario last year. Listening to CKUA makes me feel connected to my Alberta roots, and homesick in the best way possible. With the time change, I’m able to listen to my favourite morning programs at a more reasonable hour. I’m talking to you Mr. Grant Stovel, thank you for curating such an amazing set every morning.” – Marli, St. Catharines, ON

“Another reason to support CKUA is the variety of music, the Announcers and you’re available everywhere.” – Joan, Stony Plain, AB

“I appreciate that CKUA just plays the music and doesn’t let all the other stuff going on in the world intrude. CKUA is an refreshing escape from all the other programs!” – Jill, Calgary, AB

“Music is life, solace… it is SOUL. I would cease to exist without it. It transports me to a place, a memory, a loved one….a feeling. CKUA takes me everywhere, anytime. Thanks CKUA for the lovely road trips for my soul!” – Shelley, Edmonton, AB

“I enjoy the variety that is played by you guys! I love hearing Baba in the mornings and tuning in to feeling connected to the CKUA family.” – Taylor, Elkwater, AB

An investment in CKUA’s Next Generation

Did you know that as a donor, you are investing in CKUA’s next generation? Many Alberta artists have told us that the first time they heard their music played on the radio, it was on CKUA! Listener donations allow CKUA to promote local and emerging artists, and the arts and cultural community that needs our support now. Your gift connects people to the power of music, arts, and culture, now and in the future. Donate today at

“CKUA is of the people! It’s very eclectic, supports local musicians, there’s not a lot of commercials, and it’s not political.” – Jon and Fay, Calgary

“It is one of the few stations that plays classical music–I wish it played even more! I very much appreciate Mark Antonelli and Orest Soltekevich and their presentations”. – Mary Beth, Edmonton

“We love CKUA! Many thanks to all the hosts for enjoyable programming.” – Sandy and Tim, Okotoks, AB

“VARIETY!!! CKUA nurtures my soul and it is an essential part of my day. I hope to grow old listening to this station.” – Karly, Medicine Hat, AB

“I grew up in Calgary but have been living in Ontario for past 12 years. Beautiful country with beautiful people so happy wherever I am – and so long as I have CKUA, I always feel I’m home.” – Josh, Toronto, ON

“As I listen daily to CKUA, I continue to discover so many artists who then become some of my favourites. What joy.” – Barbara, Calgary, AB

“The variety of music and perspectives that CKUA shares is such a wonderful and uplifting in force for the local community and globally. Please keep up the great work.” – Wildor, Calgary, AB

“I like the variety of music CKUA provides.” – Ian, Hilda, AB

“Been tuned into CKUA for years. Rarely miss the old Disc Jockey (RIP, John) whose choices and knowledge of the big bands and jazz artists always remind us of what brought us together 60 years ago. Those tunes and all your musical experts are helping Albertans carry on thru these fractured times. THANK YOU!” – Jim and Margaret, Calgary, AB

“Independent radio is a wonderful treasure.” – Lila, Camrose, AB


“No exaggeration, CKUA got me through my isolation period when I got home from traveling just as the pandemic was beginning. It’s always been a voice of constancy and comfort for me. When I used to roadtrip outside the province (in the before times) I always looked forward to the moment I came back into range of the signal. I’ve also made connections in unlikely places because of my CKUA bumper sticker. Now that I’m out of school and have a more stable income I’m so happy to become a monthly donor and help sustain the radio that sustains me.” – Amelia, Edmonton, AB

“Love the in-depth knowledge of the announcers, their stories, and the sheer variety of music. I’ve been listening since about 1993 and have never come across a better station.” – Sandra, Ottawa, ON

“The Dirty Winshields radio hour is soooo good. I try to plan my weekend around making sure I can tune in! Leeroy speaks a truth and shares an energy that connects so well with me as a listener. Grateful technology allows CKUA hosts to broadcast from Alberta and beyond!” – Sara, Athabasca, AB

“The variety of music is second to none and the hosts’ depth and breadth of musical knowledge is astounding. It’s priceless to have a people-powered radio station devoted to playing the music that commercial radio won’t.” – Steve, North Platte, Nebraska

“I’ve grown up on CKUA. It was always playing in my house as a kid in my parents’ kitchen, as an adult, always reminds me of weekend mornings at home. The hosts and music give me a warm and comforting feeling every time I tune in.” – Claire, Edmonton, AB

“CKUA never disappoints me! My radio is turned on as I make my coffee and is turned off at the end of the day after listening to The Road Home. What put me over the fence today was when I was coming home with some groceries, Roy Forbes was playing an old tune that I had never heard before and I had to finish listening to it before I got out of the car. Thank you for being there, and may you all stay safe!” – Ellen, Calgary, AB

“CKUA has been wonderful company during these changing times with Covid. I listen to it daily and have heard so many talented musicians and have learned so much about different music genres. There is immense talent around the world and I thank CKUA for sharing this talent over the airwaves for all of these years. Music is important for our well being and is a remarkable booster to mental health, which at this time, is so important.” – Caron, Edmonton, AB

“Love! Love! Love! CKUA.” – Shelley, Edmonton, AB

Internet Related Services Bill

Did you know, as a donor you help us to be online? Imagine how much more socially isolated we’d be as humans if we could not communicate virtually. Your donation supports the seven hundred thousand we pay for internet service each year. And that’s one of the million reasons why we are so thankful when you donate at All internet related services – web hosting, live stream service, mobile, digital transmission, internet – add up to $58,000 per month or $696,000 a year!

“CKUA is a treasure and I love the diversity of wonderful and amazing music! And especially now, it is so important to me, for constantly lifting my spirits, as I’m at home with my family. I know I can always tune in and hear a friendly voice. Been listening for over 20 years and hopefully will be able to support and be a listener for another 20 more!” – Brooke, Vancouver, BC

“I listen all day long, at my desk, online, or on the app or my satellite dish now from home, or 107.7 or 93.7 in the car depending on the angle of the road! Thanks for my musical education, and bringing me so much happiness!” – Tessa, Sundre, AB

“The eclectic mix of music helps me keep up with what’s new (and reminds me of the old).” – Lorne, Lethbridge, AB

“CKUA is a musical oasis. All hosts (and I mean ALL) and all programs are absolutely outstanding. CKUA means everything to me, and so many others. Thank you CKUA!” – Gord, Calgary, AB

“We think CKUA is important because it celebrates nearly every genre under the sun. There are so many up and coming artists both here at home, and around the world that no other radio station would even think to showcase. CKUA brings these artists, and the best loved ones too, to a worldwide audience.” – Willy, Calgary, AB

“The music of CKUA has been my soundtrack through three university degrees and is keeping me company now, as I work in my empty classroom. Thank you.” – Bryan, Dawson City, Yukon

“Our donated hour on Lionel’s Vinyls last year created a special memory for our family that will last forever.” – Marie, Edmonton, AB

“Really enjoy listening to the very knowledge CKUA DJs who provide background and context to the music. We listen from Maryland in the Mid-Atlantic region – listening to the Alberta forecasts makes us feel warm in the fall, winter, and spring!” – Jenny Plummer-Welker and Greg Welker, Bowie, Maryland, USA

“Best part of working from home has been streaming CKUA through my computer speakers without using headphones. I can’t imagine starting my day any other way now than with Baba Singh on Mid-Morning Mojo. Keep up the fantastic work CKUA!” – Larry, Calgary, AB

“In this time of madness, CKUA remains a steady course through the day. It makes me feel normal and stable in a wildly fluctuating time. The announcers are respectful of the trauma we are going through but they always try to inject moments of levity so that we can feel better, even if for only a short time. ” – Sharon, Calgary, AB

Annual Revenue Goal for fiscal year 2020-2021

Did you know that as a donor and music enthusiast, you are investing in CKUA’s future? Your pledge of support helps CKUA deliver daily programming, plus innovative digital content like podcasts, interviews, and arts and culture features. It costs 6.5M dollars each year for CKUA to operate and reach the people. Your donation ensures that CKUA will continue to provide music and cultural content. Visit to donate today.

“Always loved CKUA, but now after a month at home, it’s become an essential service for me and George. Thank you, thank you—all of you.” – Gaylene, Ft. Sask. AB

“CKUA is a lighthouse of hope in treacherous waters and a reassuring presence in all places and times. Its combination of intelligent, thoughtful announcers, exceptional music and arts programming and dedicated staff and volunteers makes one proud to be a Canadian, and to have a part in keeping this beacon shining.” – Chris, Victoria, BC

“We discovered CKUA 40 years ago when we lived in Lloydminster. We really missed your station when we first moved back to Winnipeg but are so glad we can now listen online. We just love the wonderful eclectic music that you play. Keep it up.” – Brian, Winnipeg, MB

“You are an absolute blessing in these unprecedented times that we have to learn to be together, apart and you sure help bridge the gap.” – Diane, Edmonton, AB

“The sense of community (even though I moved away from Alberta, almost three years ago now) and the familiarity with the different program hosts makes CKUA a part of my morning routine. Even more so during these days of isolation and distancing during the pandemic.” – Tamara, Ottawa, ON

“It just doesn’t feel like home unless CKUA is on the radio.” – Kristin, Edmonton, AB

“CKUA is so fantastic with their musical hosts and their varied selections of music. I listen at home and in my vehicle and I’m sure I have listened to every program on the air through the years. The dedication of your staff is truly amazing. Love you all and stay strong!” – Joyce, Lethbridge, AB

“I listen to CKUA every day. You can’t beat the variety, the humanity, and the passion for music that the hosts have” – Lindsey, Calgary, AB

“CKUA is a phenomenal gem in Alberta. Whenever we’ve lived outside of the province, we’d found ourselves flipping through radio stations and lamenting how nothing compares to CKUA” – Sharon and Jared, Edmonton, AB

“CKUA is the radio station that accompanies me every day.” – Raul, Calgary, AB

“Inspiring music, knowledgeable hosts and down to earth programming.” – Tyler, Calgary, AB

“2020 would be my fiftieth anniversary of being a fan of CKUA. Presently the programming is in the best of hands. More than ever, CKUA is lighting the way for us. Thanks to you all for your insight and brilliance.” – Henry, Edmonton, AB

“CKUA has been a great eclectic source of fine music for me for over 30 years. Whether I am working, driving or relaxing, I can always count on receiving the best selection of music by the best radio hosts.” – Douglas, Penhold, AB