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Thank You Leadership Donors!

Thank you to our Leadership Donors

These donors make a gift of $1000 or more to build a matching fund used for our Double Your Dollars program. To learn more, please contact us at

The team here at CKUA does our best to maintain an up-to-date database of all the names of our donors, especially Leadership donors like you. If you’ve been missed, if your name is spelled wrong, or if you’d like your name removed from this page, please let us know at – thank you!



Steve Andrew. Plus, a big thank you to the leadership donors that would like to remain anonymous.


Rob Bekker (Bekker Enterprises), Graham Benton, Brian Beresh & Pat Paradis , Mike Berezowski, Jean Paul Bielech, Ken Biemans, Jeff & Vickie Biggs, Ian & Val Bradley, Peter Brandon, Scott Brassard, Sandy Brown, Judah Busheikin, and Michael & Michele Bull.


Calgary Association for the Development of Music Education, Marc Carnes & Christy Holtby, James & Susan Cawthorpe, Mark & Deborah Charchuk, Bill Chimich, Scott Chomistek, Joe Clare, Brenda Cook, Mary Corbett & Graeme Dales, Lorene Cowburn, Jerine Cropper, and Grace Curry.


Erin & Travis Davies, Peter Deeprose, and Denis & Marie Demco.


Wendy Edey, Inge Ellefson, George & Geri Ellen, Tom & Susan Emerson, and Enlighten Geoscience Ltd.


Keith & Laura Ferguson Fund, Michele Falla, Rose Fedorak, Don K Fisher, Irene Fizzell, Charlotte & Tom Fredericks, and Frank French.


Bob & Jane Gainer, Tim Glowa, Chris Grapel, Elizabeth Graves, and Betty Anne & Don Graves.


Greg & Jacquie Halpen, Greg & Janet Harding, Heather Harvey-Jansen & Bradley Jansen, Neil Henry, Kelly Hewson & Gordon Salahor, Heather & Ron Hillis, Gerry J. Hofs, and Lindsay Hood.


Ron & Marlene Innes


Bonnie Jamha, Patricia Jansen, Nancy & Joe Jeffray, and Colleen & David Judge.


Trent Kaiser, Ray Kettenbach, Terry Killackey, Wade & Natasha Kozak, John & Marisa Kozlowski, Matthew Kwong, and Dave Kyle.


Sandy & Sheila Navrady, New Moon Folk Club, and Cheryl Nickurak.


Kent O’Shea, and Denise Orr.


Diana & John Piet, Marion & Rick Pilger, Marleen Poon, Barry Posner, Susanne Priest, Ken & Peggy Prodor, and Darryl Proudfoot.


Gordon Rankin, RD Markle Consulting Ltd, Ken Regan, Rigstar Communications Inc., Bill & Muriel Roggensack, Arnold Rumbold, and Cindy Rutherford.


Sean Sargent, Bill Sawyers, Jennifer and Jonathan Schaeffer, Roland & Dolores Schech, Barb Schweger, Malcolm & Krista Scott, Brad & Susan Sharun, Barb & Bob Shaunessy, Dan Shute, Art Slingsby, Ron Smythe, Lawrence Staples, Bud Steen & Debbie Williams, Bill Stoneman, Sharon & Gordon Sudds, and Sunsprite Consulting Inc.


Ivanna Tataryn, Mark Teare, Gwen Thompson & Chris Smith, Rich & Kay Thul, Kathleen Tomyn, Kathleen Troppmann, and Ivan Tul.


Denise Vincent, and Ellen Visser.


Betty & Rod Wade, Norma & Ron Westcott, Dick & Carol Wilson, David Winter, Michael & Maggie Witt, Stanley Wlodarczyk & Charleen Farr, Kevin & Darlene Wong, and Christopher Wood.

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