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CKUA Listeners:

Music Enthusiasts?

Oh yes…but plenty more besides.
They’re passionate patrons of the arts.
They have a taste for adventure…in culture, food, travel and recreation.
They’re discerning — even picky — socially conscious consumers.
Their values? Creativity, craftsmanship, authenticity.
And experience shows us: if you support the station they love, then they support you.

If you have a something to offer these loyal fans, inquire about partnering with CKUA for opportunities to connect with them on-air, online and onsite.

I believe through our long partnership with CKUA, Sunik Roofing has become a household name in many circles. We've received such quality leads because members of the CKUA Family want to support those who support CKUA.
Nick Sims, SUNIK Roofing - Calgary

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