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Trinidadian-Canadian, Priscilla Cherry (she/elle), is a free-spirited presenter and joy activist with a heart for people. Recognizing a representation gap in media and the mental health sector, Priscilla applies her lived experience navigating mental illness and combines it with her passion for storytelling. Having worked with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Sesame Street, and Telus STORYHIVE, Priscilla amalgamates her love for play, creativity, and spirituality by hosting events, workshops, and live talk shows all in the hopes of encouraging “inner work” and sharing the message that “we are all ancestors in the making.”

A certified mental health Peer Supporter and media creative, Priscilla firmly believes in the art of hosting, and the power of sharing our lived experiences and personal narratives. "Everyone has something to share that someone else can relate to, learn from, or at least be curious about."

What are three go-to songs that inspire Priscilla?
"7 Days" by Alessia Cara
"You’ve Got It" by Blsng
"I Am Light" by India Arie

What is an interesting detail you might not know about Priscilla?
"I’m really great at playing chess, assembling IKEA furniture, and procrastinating."