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It’s the spring 2024 fundraiser and we are having a blast catching up with the hosts, artists and donors. Here’s what they’re saying about the important difference YOU make to them with your donation.

Be sure to revisit this page often throughout our fundraiser to see the growing list of a reasons to donate.

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You are a cultural focal point in a province where I might otherwise feel that I don’t belong. Year over year CKUA and the Eastern slopes of the Rockies compete for my top two favourite things about Alberta. – Drew, Calgary

The music genre is amazing! I listen to no other radio station. – Lorraine, Rocky View County

CKUA is the heart of music culture and community in Alberta. I’ve been listening my whole life and love the rich and diverse bands I’ve come to appreciate. No other station does what CKUA does. – Kathryn, Edmonton

Good music, good community, no politics. – Joy & Vern, Drayton Valley

We have a 5 month old daughter and play CKUA all day while we play and care for her. We want CKUA to be around for her to enjoy too when she grows up! Thank you – Peter and Baby Lynn, Edmonton


CKUA has always been an important part of my listening pleasure. I am thrilled and overwhelmed with all the first time donors that have stepped up for this important part of our community. Marc Carnes’ message to all the listeners has hit home! – Greig, Calgary

I’m no music buff by any means, but even I can appreciate what CKUA is doing. Keep it up guys and let’s all step up to $3 million! – Ali, Edmonton

I love the mix of music that you play and always hear something that is new to me. I hope your fundraising is a great success! – Sherill, Nelson, New Zealand

Grew up listening to CKUA thanks to my music loving dad. Cant imagine not being able to tune into this radio station! – Shaina, Calgary

Keep CKUA alive! – Lachlan, Sturgeon County


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Keep up the good work Leeroy and CKUA! – Matthew, Camrose

I can’t imagine a day without CKUA and all the great on air personalities, not to mention the fantastic and diverse music you play. – Cindy, Calgary

My mother Irene Bailer who received some of her rural Alberta schooling via correspondence over the CKUA airwaves. – Dwayne, Cochrane

I’ve been listening since i was a child, and I’m not sure how I would spend my time without you! This radio station might be the best thing about Alberta. – Breton, Calgary

After 50 years of listening I’m still loving it. – Van, Calgary

This donation is a top-up of my regular monthly contribution in recognition of the challenge you face. CKUA is an important part of our world. You will thrive! Gook Luck. – Don, Calgary

Great music and honouring artists and Alberta. Thank you and good luck on this fundraiser and over the next few months as well. – Lorna, Edmonton

From the first cup of coffee in the morning until bed time, our living room stereo is tuned in to CKUA. Enjoy the wide selection of music and appreciate the support CKUA offers to our talented musicians and song writers. – Terry and Pam, Lethbridge

I love the variety of music on the CKUA radio. Never a dull moment on the air. – Darcy, Calgary

I like all the variety and sense of local community. Now I always have CKUA playing in the background even when I’m not home! – Derrick, Edmonton

CKUA is the best. So much personality! The best Saturday afternoon I can ask for is being with my honey, making supper, sipping wine and listening to Natch’l Blues and Mulligan Stew! Thank you oh special radio station that you are! LOVE!!! – Simone, Edmonton

I moved to the Island 10 years ago and still NEED CKUA in my life. – Norene, Comox

I love having CKUA as a companion on my journeys from sitting in my office at work, to coming back to unwind from a search and rescue mission, to journeying across the province for work or pleasure! Thanks CKUA, and the many hosts doing a wonderful job curating the music selections. – Anthony, Medicine Hat

Thank you for being one of life’s constants in these hard times, dear CKUA-fam – Anonymous

Music feeds the soul & CKUA provides that nourishment. It is an integral part of our day – providing a social link to the community. Love it! – Cathy and Marty, Calgary

CKUA matters and makes such a positive impact each and every day – Tina, Calgary

I’ve loved your station for years when I lived in Calgary, and I made it an absolute imperative to find you online here in the Gulf Islands! Love love your music! – Cheryl, Gabriola Island, BC

I’ve listened to CKUA for many years and enjoy hearing artists both new and old and learning some of the history behind the musicians and songs over the years. This summer/fall I’ve started jotting down the names of artists I hear on CKUA and downloading their albums. I’ve created my own playlists that I can listen to anytime.Thank you CKUA for bringing such a wide variety of musical enjoyment into my world. – Brenda, Calgary

CKUA has been an important part of my family’s lives for almost a decade. When my musical daughter was a senior in high school, she was having trouble finding references for a lesser-known professional saxophone player. I suggested if anyone would be able to provide more information, it would be John Worthington. She emailed John with the name of a specific piece, and he emailed her back within 24 hours with the complete recording details of a rather obscure bit of music. I love the sense of community CKUA promotes, and I will never forget John’s extensive knowledge. – Sue, Red Deer

Love CKUA – we are listening to you today in Goodyear, Arizona! – Carol & Rick, Arizona

Keep on keepin’ on! Love it CKUA!! – Neil, Edmonton

I fell in love with CKUA the first time that I listened to it which is getting to be about 18 years ago. I got tired of commercial radio and luckily found CKUA on my dial. I have found many new artists through CKUA including the Great Lake Swimmers which has become one of my favourites. Thank you and keep up the good work. – Craig, Calgary

Best radio station in the province! – Clan, Calgary

Been listening sinch 1973. Moved to BC in 2007. Listen online now. It is our musical mecca. – Chris, Saanichton , BC

The Road Home has been a Sunday night staple for me for a long, long time – and when I was traveling overseas, listening to the 4am rebroadcast while waiting to go to bed in a lonely hotel room in Shanghai was a moment of quiet peace. I didn’t think I’d come to enjoy Raising Voices as much as I have, but there is something so complementary about the selections Orest Soltykevych makes — his show so often pairs with The Road Home in just the right way, and I’ve come to really enjoy choral music because of it. – Heather

I’m not on the road much these days, but when I am I’m tuned into CKUA. CKUA’s library is impressive and I like that a wide variety of music is broadcast for anyone who wants to listen. – Mike, Athabasca

I continue to enjoy many of CKUA’s programs and the enthusiasm and knowledge of the various hosts. I especially enjoy Mark Antonelli’s Classics and Nocturne, and would like my donation directed to those programs. I very much appreciate the peace that their music offers. I like many other genres including jazz, blues, folk, country and the eclectic nature of CKUA’s programming, such as The Road Home. CKUA is indeed “Alberta’s voice in music, arts and culture”. Thank you. – Liz, Calgary

Thank you so much for providing such wonderful music during these past few months as we transition through this pandemic. The variety of music through CKUA provides such a boost to one’s mental health and assists in keeping one moving forward through these troubling times. I love all the genres of music on CKUA and have added so many songs to my own playlist and found an abundance of new artists to listen to. – Caron, Edmonton

CKUA is our constant companion from the time we wake up until we go to bed. Tuning in to our favourite programs is like having tea and cookies with a friend (or maybe wine). We were on an Alberta road trip in late August and usually when we travel we tune into Sirius XM Radio, but this time it was CKUA all the way. When the signal would start to fade, my spouse would say, “check your phone and find the closest tower.” I would say he is a convert! Love the music and the stories. – Rose, Edmonton

You’re the BEST, community radio is so important and I feel like I know your radio hosts personally. Keep the good stuff playing. I love the local talent you hi-lite as well. – Hank, Calgary

I have been listening and donating to CKUA for many years and I convert everyone I can to be CKUA listeners. Most of my family has been converted. I have a new Granddaughter. Eleanor(Elle) is 5 months old but she has been listening to CKUA since she was conceived. She loves it when we dance with her and sometimes a tune will catch her attention and you can see her actively listening to the radio. She listens to everything but her favorite program is Lionel’s Vinyls. – Murray, Grande Prairie

On that infamous day that CKUA came back on the air, my husband and I were driving to Jasper. We keep watching the clock waiting for the time for Andy Donnelly to come on air. We listened to fuzz and then Andy came on. I cried tears of joy as we drove towards Jasper. – Pat, Edmonton

Edmonton is where my daughter was born. CKUA helped us cope with the trials of having a newborn!! Now I listen online from work everyday! – Julie, Ithaca, NY

Many years ago, just after I’d moved to Alberta, I told my brother that I listen a lot to CBC. To which he responded, with some measure of disgust, and then great enthusiasm: “Gwenn! No one listens to CBC – you gotta tune into CKUA!” (My brother sadly died last summer. Dave particularly liked TDM, so maybe you could play something by Bob Dylan on the TDM/Stew show, dedicated to Dave.) – Gwenn, Calgary

Thank you for introducing me to great music that I would never otherwise know about! – Heather, Edmonton

I moved to Calgary from Vancouver in 1990. I quickly discovered CJSW but I didn’t find CKUA until 1994. I was driving downtown when I lost the CJSW signal among the office towers. I was punching buttons looking for something worth listening to in the wasteland of commercial radio when suddenly the truck was filled with wonderful music. I don’t recall now what the song was – probably something Bluesy – but I remember my reaction. “What radio station is that?” I now have CKUA frequencies programmed into every button on the radio, so when I lose Calgary, I punch the next button and tune into Red Deer or Medicine Hat or whatever. – Tim and Shannon, Okotoks