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Eric Bibb debuts single from ‘Global Griot’


Grammy award nominated bluesman Eric Bibb recently stopped by CKUA to perform a song from his forthcoming double album “Global Griot.” Eric says of his cover of the traditional song “I Wish I Was A Mole In The Ground”:

“I got to working on that song, and I found my way inside of it, and decided that I wanted to share it with a great, great singer from Jamaica: the legendary Ken Boothe. So we won’t hear the whole Jamaican sound behind me on this version. I’ll just play you how it sounds in my kitchen.”

Eric also played a stunning acoustic rendition of “With A Dollar In My Pocket” from his album ‘Migration Blues.” “It’s based on a true story that a blues elder of mine back in the day related to me about escaping from Mississippi to Chicago,” Eric shares. “How he’d gotten into this altercation with his boss, and kind of just lost it, freaked out, yelled back at the man and cursed him out. He realized ‘I gotta get out of here’. He made it to Chicago, he was a success, and he had a victorious story to tell.”