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Bros. Landreth: Years Passing By

Hidden Track Podcast

David and Joey Landreth came together to write some original songs, and their first album as The Bros. Landreth was born. Released independently without much fanfare, Let It Lie soon drew them an audience from across the world.  

 It would have seemed impossible for David and Joey to believe in 2013 that a decade later, they could say that a song on this album has been recorded by one of their all-time heroes, Bonnie Raitt, and that it won a Grammy Award!  

During a recent tour that the band found themselves with a couple days off in Alberta. Between their sold-out concerts, the Bros. Landreth elected to play a free Saturday covers set at a local pub and took a trip down to CKUA’s Edmonton Performance Space for this beautiful Hidden Track Session.  

This Session features David Landreth on bass and harmonica. Joey Landreth is on acoustic guitar. You’ll also hear Murray Pulver on guitar, and Roman Clark on drums.  

This episode is a candid visit with the Bros. Landreth—in conversation, plus live performances. 

Host: Grant Stovel | Producer: Scott Zielsdorf | Graphics: Craig Taffs | Music: Doug Hoyer
Session recording: Scott Zielsdorf | Mixing: Duke Paetz | Video Editor: Jasmine Vickaryous.  

 The Hidden Track podcast is a CKUA production made possible by the generosity of our donors. Thank you for your support! 

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