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Every supporter of CKUA deserves praise. But there is among them a select group of donors, called Leadership Donors, who have taken their commitment far beyond the ordinary.

We invite you to become a new member of the esteemed Leadership Program, composed of a core group of donors who invest $550 or more. These donations are pooled together to create a special fund that is used to match donations during Double-Your-Dollars hours throughout the fundraiser. Our research shows that more people donate during Double-Your-Dollars hours.

By accepting this invitation and making a Leadership Program gift, you will receive exclusive benefits, including the opportunity to receive donated hours, invitations to special events, exclusive station tours, and other privileges. You may also be recognized online, on air or in print for your outstanding generosity.

See the Leadership Donors who generously contributed to our Fall 2019 Fundraising Campaign.

I am extremely proud to have joined the Leadership Program over the last few years. CKUA is not only a worthwhile cause, it is the Juilliard of radio stations. Donate big and donate often to keep our gem shining brightly.
Marty Taylor

Need more information? Contact us.

Laura Svajlenko in the Fund Development Office

1-800-494-2582 ext. 2028

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