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A Million Ways To Give!

Well...maybe not that many, but there's a few!
Learn about them here!

Supporting CKUA your way

One-time or monthly, the choice is yours!

There are millions of reasons to donate! Your reason is personal for why you choose to support music, arts and culture, and people powered CKUA. No matter your reason, we are just grateful to have a reason to say, “thank you, and your gift matters!” Your donation directly supports the daily operation, everything involved with bringing you the music, and other enriching arts and culture content to air and on-line every day. You are truly the magical fuel that powers CKUA, Alberta’s voice for music, arts and culture.

Give Monthly

What’s the singular difference you make as a monthly donor? Collectively our monthly givers provide us with a predictable and stable source of monthly income. Like you, we have monthly financial commitments, and it’s important to know what we can expect each month. Did you know our power and internet services together cost $93,000, and when you add payroll and other expenses that bill is a few hundred thousand dollars? That’s one of the reasons why we ask you to consider joining the monthly giving program and why, we are so thankful when you choose too.

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Give Annually

CKUA relies heavily on donation revenue to be on-air and online 8,760 hours a year. Yes, that’s 24/7/365, and while we’re sharing numbers, that means we must raise $6.5M annually before we can invest in new ways to modernize as we approach our 100th birthday (shhh!) For the record, we’re not saying we’re old but there are a few things throughout the network that could use an upgrade. So as a listener, why is it so important for you to donate what you can annually, or any time the moment strikes throughout the year. You make it possible for CKUA to keep blowing out those birthday cake candles, year after year after year.

Donate Annually

Mobile Giving

Did you know that you can use your cell phone to make a donation to CKUA? Donate five dollars or twenty-five dollars and the amount will be added to your mobile bill. One hundred per cent of your donation goes to CKUA and you can obtain a tax receipt.


How-to donate via text steps in a nutshell:

  • – Enter the number 45678, on your text messaging app
  • – Text the letters C-K-U-A
  • – Select your amount, $5, $10 or $25
  • – Please note that your donation amount will be added to your mobile phone bill and all mobile users can obtain a tax receipt for their donations made via text message by visiting: (100% of your donation goes to CKUA!)
  • – Click the link to make your musical request so we can play you a song and say thanks!
  • – And just like that, you’re done donating and can feel good about supporting CKUA, your voice for music, arts, and culture in Alberta and beyond!
  • – For information on how your personal details are used, how to obtain an official tax receipt, and more FAQs, please visit

Online Donations

If you wish to make a gift to CKUA, please donate online, either via our site or by texting us. We’ve created a short “how-to” video, which we hope easily explain the online donation processes for you. Please watch and share! If you have questions or encounter issues, please contact and we will happily assist you!

How-to donate online steps in a nutshell:

  • – Go to
  • – Click on the yellow Donate now button in the middle of the main screen (this will take you to
  • – Select the type of gift you would like to make: one-time, monthly, a surprise or donated hour
  • – Select or fill in the amount you wish to donate
  • – Fill out your details. This information is required for your tax receipt (which will be sent in Feb 2021)
  • – Decide how you would like to make your donation, via a credit card or direct debit (you will need your financial institution and branch name as well as institution ID, transit and account number. All of this is available on the bottom of a paper cheque or by logging on to internet banking)
  • – Click on the black Donate now button. This will process your donation, so be sure to only click it once.
  • – A new screen will open thanking you for your donation. This screen will also contain a link where you can make a musical suggestion or share a story with CKUA. Click on the link to proceed. If this donation was made in honour or in tribute to someone, click on the link provided to include those details.
  • – If you choose to make a musical suggestion enter the information requested in to the fields provided and click submit.
  • – That is all! Thank you for supporting Alberta’s voice for music, arts, and culture.

As the summer season of Session Stories ends, Blindman Brewing is making plans for winter brews and saying thank you for supporting CKUA. Donors to CKUA get 10%  off home delivery orders!

Look for the coupon code in your thank you notification. Already have it? Order your beer here! And thank you for donating to CKUA!

Donating by Cheque?

Due to COVID-19 mandatory restrictions CKUA employees are working remotely and our preferred methods of support during this time are Online and Mobile Giving. If you do wish to support by cheque, please email to let us know your gift is in the mail. Thank you.


Discover more ways to give and invest

From endowment funds, life insurance, securities and stocks to honouring a loved one and our Leadership Program there are so many ways to support.

Other Options


Donations to CKUA are tax-deductible, our charitable registration number is 118776830RR0001.


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