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Be a Leader

Leadership donors play a key role in the success of CKUA’s bi-annual fundraising campaigns. Their contributions to the Double-Your-Dollars pool are an essential catalyst in getting the phones to ring with support.

Leadership Donor

Case for Support

Read more about the various ways your donation can power CKUA in our Case for Support

Case for Support

Give a Gift of Life Insurance

Leaving a significant legacy can be as simple as purchasing a life insurance policy in which CKUA is named as the beneficiary. Get in touch with your financial and insurance advisors for guidance on setting up a policy.

Contribute to our Endowment Funds

Each year CKUA receives the interest off the total amount endowed or invested in our endowment funds, providing us with a stable source of income in perpetuity. Reach out to the Edmonton Community Foundation or The Calgary Foundation to learn more about giving to the CKUA Radio Endowment Funds or to establish an endowment fund in your own (or your family’s) name.

Honour Someone You Love

The gift of CKUA makes for a unique, meaningful gift (and it always fits perfectly!) Brighten up a birthday, wedding or graduation with an offering that brings a little beauty to thousands of lives. Or, celebrate the life of someone who has meant the world to you by creating a musical legacy in their name. Donate in honour of a loved one and we’ll send a beautiful card to you (so you can fill it out yourself,) or directly to the honouree.

Donate an Hour

Transfer Gifts of Securities and Stocks

Converting stocks, bonds and mutual funds to cash often means getting hit with a hefty tax bill. When you donate your publicly listed securities to the CKUA Radio Foundation, you pay no capital gains tax on their increased value. It’s crucial support to CKUA and a tax savings for you! At tax time the CKUA Radio Foundation will provide you with a charitable tax receipt for the full market value as of the day the securities are transferred. Be sure to submit the Securities Transfer Form to both CKUA and your financial advisor. Please note that without the form we may be unable to issue a tax receipt.

We strongly encourage you to seek independent advice when executing gifts of securities, life insurance, Wills, trusts, and other legal agreements.

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