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In every community, there are crews of like-minded people who work together to build a sustainable future. Nearly a thousand dollars is required to deliver each broadcast hour of music and conversation.

Be sure to re-visit this page often throughout our spring campaign to see the growing list of a reasons to Spring into Action for CKUA.

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I love the variety in music offerings, the knowledgeable and friendly hosts, all together making an informative, entertaining package. – Edward, Edmonton, AB

The knowledgeable and compassionate folks of CKUA send a rare refreshing signal out across our World and into the infinity of Space — Someone very unexpected out there might be listening in and maybe thinking we’re not such a bad outfit here on our little Planet. Long live CKUA ! – Pete, Gallatin Gateway, Montana, USA

Had a spiritual teacher say: give to the needy and also to what feeds you spiritually. CKUA feeds me spiritually- the music, the announcers with their vast knowledge. – Delia, Edmonton, AB

I love a lot of different CKUA programs but right now Tony with Play It Again is my favourite. The music brings the warm memories of my grandmother’s kitchen into my kitchen on Sunday morning. – Jennifer, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

CKUA is such a great place to hear what could be called “non-establishment” music, which nowadays seems to mean great music. It’s been especially important during the pandemic because music is one of the things we can still enjoy and it helps us survive and navigate the hard times. Keep up the good work.  – Tom, Lethbridge, AB

We love your diversity. Shout out to Grant and Baba, because you got to have favourites. Our music collection would be so much smaller without you and we would have to spend more time looking for new music. Peace to you all.  – Keven & Lisa, Calgary, AB

Love the music. Heard some familiar stuff and some new music! – David, Ingersoll, ON

I heard about CKUA from my dear Calgary music friend, Susan Baird. I had the great good fortune to visit Susan during Wide Cut Country Weekend in 2017 and became a permanent CKUA fangirl! Thank you for providing wonderful 24 hour programming in a time when such individuality is rare in radio.  -Lila, Sparta, North Carolina

A $2.3M combined cost to create and broadcast more than 30 curated programs across the provincial FM transmitter network and live stream

CKUA is powered by a strong community, united by a shared love of music, arts and culture. Your donation keeps thousands of people in Alberta, and around the world connected, ever important in today’s socially distanced society. When you give, you directly contribute to a combined two point three million dollar annual cost to connect you with enriching programming, and our community with FM radio and live streaming. Join the crew today at


Every time we make a request of the CKUA’s most excellent hosts, they are always sure to not only play the request, but even share our thoughts and comments we send along in the accompanying email. Recently, Lark Clark (who, of course, hosts our favourite show, World Spinning), not only played our request for typico music, she devoted a whole hour to the genre and wonderful Latin dance music in general. It was so much more than we expected, and set us dancing all around the livingroom. So uplifting as we headed into yet another weekend of lockdowns. As we said when we made the request, we feel our shoes nailed to the floor these days, and her program is an escape to exotic corners of the world. I suppose to end this note with a request- well, can’t get enough of that typico, but anything Lark plays is always fascinating, wonderful and rhythmic. – Andrea and Larry, Calgary

There is no better way to begin a mini vacation than sending my support to CKUA during fundraiser time. A daily resource to get through every day and a beacon of hope leading me, and likely many others, through an interesting year  – Joe, Fort McMurray, AB

I thought I was having some kind of flash back on Monday Morning recently. Cathy Ennis on CKUA? I spent many hours in the Listening Room back in the day. Cathy, Seth, Tony, Andy, Tom, etc… the list goes on, have all help provide the musical soundtrack to my life. As an artist myself, I have been inspired by the music CKUA has introduced me too. I really appreciate your support of Alberta artists.  – Richard, Dalemead, AB

We are Albertans and we fell in love with CKUA in the 80s when we were newly married. It is our go-to radio and we are super happy to have access out here on the coast. – Jim and Carol, Powell River, BC

CKUA is important to me because of the variety of artists and the fabulous music. Music helps my day go by and brings joy to my life. There are incredibly talented musicians out there and CKUA has introduced me to so many of them. I also want to support local musicians. Music is so needed in our lives to benefit our mental well being especially during these times. – Caron, Edmonton, AB

Large variety of music and knowledgeable hosts telling you tidbits of information you would never know without their research and love for their job. – Evelyn, Sundre, AB

I love CKUA because it helps me feel connected to other thougthful people who appreciate music, the arts, and community as much as I do. Every DJ is doing a stellar job of opening my ears to different sounds and giving me new things to think about every day. Thanks so much! – Anonymous, Edmonton, AB

An investment in CKUA’s Next Generation

Did you know that as a donor, you are investing in CKUA’s next generation? Many Alberta artists have told us that the first time they heard their music played on the radio, it was on CKUA! Listener donations allow CKUA to promote local and emerging artists, and the arts and cultural community that needs our support now. Your gift connects people to the power of music, arts, and culture, now and in the future. Donate today at

CKUA and the Friday Night Blues Party have been a major part of my listening choices for many, many years. Since the onset of the pandemic, I’ve hooked up with friends remotely and we enjoy the Blues Party in a virtual setting that we all look forward to very much every Friday night. Thanks Cam and thank you CKUA!  – Vic, Lethbridge, AB

I always look forward to tuning into Leeroy Staggers show the Dirty Windshields Radio Hour. He navigates his way through multiple genres, while always sending out a positive vibe to his listeners. I always learn something or hear a tune, new or old, that I’ve never heard before. Thanks and keep up the great work!  – Ryan, Calgary, AB

It’s a venue for a wide variety of musical artists to express their creativity and be heard without feeling the need to fit their expression to someone else’s criteria.  – Jennifer, Calgary, AB

It’s great to listen to a lot of my favourite songs but more important to hear all the new music played on CKUA, especially all the Canadian talent new and old like The Weather Station!! CKUA has some of the best DJ’s in the WORLD! I’m so thankful I have this awesome resource available from pretty much anywhere!  – Anonymous, Calgary, AB

It takes many hands to create and tell a story on-air and online

Did you know that your donation supports a whole team of CKUA professionals who work in production, programming, IT, engineering, and marketing? Nearly a thousand dollars is required to deliver each broadcast hour of music and conversation. So the next time you hear an hour of programming that inspires you or makes you tap your toes, think of all the care that went into bringing it to the air! Visit to donate today.

I’d be lost without CKUA. You all highlight so many moments of my day, me week, my month! – Stephanie, Chestermere, AB

I first found CKUA 47 years ago when I purchased my first car which came with an FM Radio. Since then, it has been my go to station. – Andre, Edson, AB

Where to start on my feelings for CKUA? I’ve been listening for over 30 years. It’s the only thing on in our house during the day. We love it. Back in 1997, during the dark (silent) times, I too felt that CKUA was radio worth fighting for. It was true then and now. At the time I resolved that I would give at least “a dollar a day for CKUA”. I’ve kept that pledge all these years, and them some when I could. I am a monthly donor but I’ve just sent in another one time shot to help out in these hard times. Use it in good health. We are fortunate that CKUA is one of the radio stations included with our Telus Optik TV service – channel 7046. It’s another great way to listen. Stay safe and keep doing what you’re doing! – Dan and Jody, Nanaimo BC

Just want to say, CKUA has got me through these times well, in the car or at home. Love Baba for sure! And many others. So much better than that national broadcast company, that has “covid-itis” endlessly…Thanks for your promotion of culture and the arts in Alberta! Best wishes – Doug, Canmore, AB

We’ve been monthly donors for about 20 years, and have watched the mighty CKUA evolve and change with the times. It’s gotten us through self isolation, missed birthdays and anniversaries during Covid. Thanks for all you do! – Willy, Okanagan Falls, BC

Because it’s the best curated shows you will ever hear on the radio. World class!! Thanks CKUA – Lindon, Medicine Hat, AB

I listen to CKUA at home and in my car, and I really appreciated it while I spent fourteen days in quarantine, but I enjoy CKUA at all times, day and night. – Joyce, Clairmont, AB

CKUA relies heavily on donations to operate.

Did you know that as a donor and music enthusiast, you are investing in CKUA’s future? Your pledge of support helps CKUA deliver daily programming, plus innovative digital content like podcasts, interviews, and arts and culture features. Your donation ensures that CKUA will continue to provide music and cultural content, on-air and on-line. Visit to donate today. To learn more about our 2019-20 year, check out our Annual Report

Keep on keepin on CKUA!! I’ve been a fan for at least a decade, you guys have broadened my musical horizon in so so many ways. – Jordan, Fort McMurray

I love the global community that CKUA promotes. It indeed affects the quality of each day by providing a break from the tsunami of noise that presently surrounds us. – Linda, Lethbridge

Thanks CKUA for just making life better. – Garry, Calgary

I was with my granddaughter today and we danced to CKUA tunes. I want to dance with Lyla on her 10th birthday and her 20th birthday. This donation is for Lyla. – Janette, Leduc

We listen daily, it helps us get through the day! So many programs that we enjoy during the day and evenings, especially Classical, Jazz and weekends! We barely watch TV and almost always have music on in the background. – Jim and Claire, Lethbridge

We hear Music and Creativity all the time that is Inspiring, Eclectic, Invigorating, Exciting, Thought-Provoking, Culturally Rich and spans listening interest from babes in arms, impressionable kids to teens, and on into the adult spectrum who dance in the kitchen and anywhere, to the joy of Music. What a Gift that is! – Gramma Geo, Calgary

CKUA has been in my life for as long as I can remember as it was my moms favorite station while I was growing up. I remember hearing the fundraising drives, intrigued by the wide range of music and the great hosts. It’s now a full circle as I listen to CKUA with my new son, taking the opportunity to immerse him in to the diverse musical experience CKUA offers to its listeners. – Daria, Edmonton

CKUA is the croissant that goes with my coffee in the morning, and is a companion during the day. Self-employed and a struggling artist, my home office/studio always has CKUA playing. Thank you. – Bob, Banff