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Your new Fall Season is here!


This week marks the launch of a new season of fall programming on CKUA. You’ll hear familiar favourites in new timeslots, and an expansion of the weekday shows you love. We’re also happy to premiere several new programs, hosted by people who are ready to add their own song choices and personalities to the mix that makes our CKUA community unique and vibrant.

We asked CKUA’s Content Director, Vish Khanna, to outline what’s new and exciting in the fall programming.

“In accordance with our strategic planning, which counts on the curiosity and dedication of our loyal listeners and donors, who help sustain CKUA and enable us to welcome future generations of CKUA listeners, hosts, and staff into the fold, we’re introducing new programming and content on all of CKUA’s current channels. Your favourite shows and active hosts are here with us, on-air or OnDemand, and we’re pleased to introduce new programs and personalities this fall.

Join us Monday to Thursday for daytime variety
Alberta Morning with Grant Stovel 6am – 9am
Discoveries with Leo Cripps 9am – 11am
The Upload with Kate Stevens 11am – 1pm
Thoroughfare with Tony King 1pm – 3pm
Traffic Jams with Lisa Wilton 3pm – 6pm

“Starting the week of September 12, your Monday to Thursday daytime schedule will feature shows helmed by Grant Stovel, Leo Cripps, Kate Stevens, Tony King, and Lisa Wilton, who’ll each bring you a fresh mix of classic and contemporary music, spanning eclectic genres.

Get festive on Fridays
Alberta Morning with Grant Stovel 6am – 9am
Mid-Morning Mojo with Baba 9am – 12pm
On The Rise with Dawn Pemberton and Brendan Cross 12pm – 3pm
Traffic Jams with Lisa Wilton 3pm – 6pm
In Our Neighbourhood with Oskar Zybart 6pm – 8pm

“On Fridays, we have Grant and Baba for you in the mornings, and then a new show called On the Rise, which is hosted by Dawn Pemberton with sidekick Brendan Cross, and tracks CKUA’s weekly Top 30 Chart. If you want to hear new music by artists who span almost every generation and hail from all over the planet, this is the show for you.

“After Lisa navigates us through some Traffic Jams, Friday nights bring us In Our Neighbourhood, Oskar Zybart’s overview of upbeat music from Alberta, which leads into Marek Tyler’s takahki, featuring Indigenous music from all over the world. Marek will also keep things dynamic, so you can have a nice segue into Friday Night Blues Party with Cam Hayden.

Celebrate Saturday with CKUA
Saturday Breakfast with Mark Antonelli 6am – 8am
The Wake-Up Shake-Up with Keri Rak 8am – 10am
Wide Cut Country with Allison Brock 10am – noon
Dirty Windshield Radio Hour with Leeroy Stagger noon – 1pm
This Music Changed My Life with Shayne Giles 1pm – 2pm
Get On The Good Foot with Dawn Pemberton 2pm – 3pm
Natch’l Blues with Holger Petersen 3pm – 5pm
Mulligan Stew with Terry David Mulligan 5pm – 7pm
Lionel’s Vinyls with Lionel Rault 7pm – 9pm
Open Nights with Mark Rodgers 9pm – midnight

“We’re excited to welcome Shayne Giles to our Saturday afternoon rotation. Their new show is called This Music Changed My Life, which promises to ‘unearth the inspiring tracks and musicians that influenced today’s current hits, taking a deep dive into CKUA’s newest library additions while drawing back to some nostalgic classics.’

“Also new to the schedule, a Saturday night show to get you revved up for whatever evening adventures you have planned. Mark Rodgers is making sure CKUA is Open Nights, with three hours of openness to anything upbeat. The first hour we’ll rock a little bit after Lionel’s Vinyls, the second hour will be the roll, and the third hour is pure ‘open nights,’ with upbeat music to take us to Sunday morning.

Anchor your Sundays with CKUA
Sunday Breakfast with Mark Antonelli 6am – 9am
The Celtic Show with Andy Donnelly 9am – 11am
Folk Routes with Tom Coxworth 11am – 1pm
Bluegrass Hour with Darcy Whiteside 1pm – 2pm
Roy’s Record Room with Roy Forbes 2pm – 3pm
Voices In Jazz with Dianne Donovan 3pm – 4pm
World Spinning with Lark Clark 4pm – 6pm
Raising Voices with Orest Soltykevych 6pm – 8pm
The Road Home with Bob Chelmick 8pm – 10pm
Twilight with Amy van Keeken 10pm – midnight

“Speaking of Sunday morning, we are pleased with the musical alchemy that will be on display with the addition of Andy Donnelly’s venerable, The Celtic Show, to our Sunday line-up, following Mark Antonelli’s Sunday Breakfast and preceding Andy’s good friend, Tom Coxworth with Folk Routes. We feel that this combination will give our morning listeners some fluid and varied music and interplay, leading nicely into the other Sunday programs that make the day so enjoyable.

“Again, we feel so fortunate to be able to make such changes that reorient some of our most familiar hosts and introduce new ones. Thanks for listening and giving CKUA your support and a chance to try some new things, all in the name of fostering some of the most dynamic and exciting radio and online programming anywhere in the world.”

View the full schedule online, or Download the PDF if you’d like to print it out.

Have you checked out our new CKUA OnDemand yet? Let us know which programs you’re listening to and when. We always invite your feedback and questions at