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Who’s Your Perfect Pair?


Did you love the Double Your Dollars Pop-Ups with Terry & Allison, and Tom & Andy? We’re just getting started!

Throughout this week, you can hear Amy’s friends stopping in for a Twilight visit, and daytime hosts like Grant, Leo, Tony, and Lisa will welcome familiar friends to raise the fundraiser total together. Here’s a quick preview:

On Tuesday, April 25 you’ll hear Grant with Cam, Leo with Scott, Kate with Shayne, Lisa with Leeroy, Erin with Darcy, Amy with Oskar, and more!

On Wednesday, April 26 you’ll hear Grant with Shayne, Leo with Erin, Tony with Dawn, Lisa with Kate, Amy with Marek, Mark A with Orest, and more!

On Thursday, 27 April you’ll hear Grant with Darcy, Leo with Bren, Kate with Marek, Lisa with Dawn, Kodi with Tony, Mark A with Scott, Amy with Lark, and more!

On Friday, April 28, you’ll hear Grant with Andy, Baba with Lark, Oskar with Lionel, Marek with Kerry, Cam with Holger.

On Saturday, April 29 you’ll hear Aaron with Lark, Keri with Lisa, Allison with TDM, Leeroy with Bren, Shayne with Lark, Dawn with Kate, Holger with Cam, TDM with Allison, Lionel with Lisa, Mark R with Owen.

On Sunday, April 30, you’ll hear Mark A with Grant, Andy with Tom, Darcy with Mark R, Roy with Lark, Dianne with Grant, Lark with Leo, Orest with Aaron, Amy with Dawn.

Your donation will satisfy a curiosity for human-led exploration and curation (no algorithms here) told by authentic voices.  By supporting the development of exciting new hosts, alongside some of the best in the business, you are expanding horizons and the endless thrill of discovering new music.