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Welcome, Bellissima Fashions


CKUA’s World Spinning, hosted by Lark Clark on Sunday afternoons, is a bold and diverse exploration of how music reflects culture and shapes hearts. Lark plays music from every continent and multiple musical styles when she invites listeners to travel the world through music.

We are pleased to welcome a new sponsor for World Spinning. Offering clothing for every occasion, Bellissima Fashions is an Alberta success story, with a 40-year history and eleven locations around the province. Viviana Shaneman launched Bellissima Fashions in 1981, believing that fashion should be fun, and an expression of everyone’s personality and style. That principle still guides the company today.

Our friends at Bellissima Fashions believe the sponsorship is a good fit—no pun intended—because World Spinning reflects the breadth and depth of beauty that exists both in music and the larger world, and that is what they strive to bring to their customers.

Lark Clark says, “I am proud that Bellissima is sponsoring World Spinning, which delights in diversity, as does the CKUA community.”

We are grateful for the support that this sponsorship provides, allowing CKUA to continue to offer musical variety to the community, and to highlight artists that may not get exposure through other channels. Thanks to everyone at Bellissima Fashions for their sponsorship of World Spinning on CKUA.

Learn more about Bellissima Fashions at, and learn more about World Spinning here.

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