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We can’t win, but you might!


CKUA staff is, of course, ineligible to win our 50/50 Raffle. That didn’t stop us, however, from asking some of our colleagues what they would do with a big cash jackpot. We loved reading their answers.

Buy your tickets today, and start making plans of your own. Thank you for supporting CKUA.

“I’d hire a carpenter to build a beautiful little greenhouse and fill it with tomato plants and herbs.” – Karen Howell, Events and Volunteer Manager

“I would pay off my student debts and plan a trip to go visit friends in Europe.” – Kevin Heamon, Fund Development Coordinator

“I’d take my family to Ireland and Scotland, and we’d stay in fantastic hotels.” – Natalie Cook, Communications Coordinator

“I’d set aside a quarter to donate to some of my favourite charities: CKUA, Doctors Without Borders, and SCARS. (We adopted our dog from SCARS and they do great work!) I would take half and invest it, and then use the rest to take my family on a vacation to Curaçao or Aruba—basically, anywhere with snorkelling and beaches!” – Shannon Romanyshyn, Executive Assistant

“I’d take my mom someplace exotic with wonderful gardens. Then I’d put an addition onto my south-facing kitchen.” – Jodi Lucas, Senior Development Officer

“I’d buy a tiny home…not too sure where I would put it…that’s a problem for ‘future Shaun’.” – Shaun Friesen, Digital and Social Marketing Coordinator

“I’d become a wealthy philanthropist by day, masked vigilante by night.” – Carissa Fedoruk, External Relations Assistant

“I would upgrade the tiny, one-room cabin (i.e. former UFA shed) on our bush quarter-section. I’d make it extravagantly fancy with things like actual walls! A light or two! But not plumbing or running water because that would just be silly and far too luxurious.” – Erika Dart, Communications Coordinator