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Top 30 Chart: January 12-18, 2024


Check out the top played albums of the week!

    • 🌺 = Albertan
    • 🍁 = Canadian

30.🍁Trans-Canada Highwaymen: Explosive Hits Vol. 1 (Pheromone)
29.🍁Elliott Brood: Town (Six Shooter)
28.🍁The Fugitives: No Help Coming (Fallen Tree)
27. Kavita Shah: Cape Verdean Blues (Folkalist)
26. Robert Finley: Black Bayou (Easy Eye Sound)
25. Smoove & Turrell: Red Ellen (Jalapeno)
24. Bill Ryder Jones: Iechyd Da (Domino)
23. Alogte Oho & His Sounds of Jo; Oh Yinne! (Philophon)
22.🍁Anna Valsk: Panpan (L’atelier 2)
21.🍁Vanille: La Clairiere (Bonbonbon)

CKUA’s Dawn Pemberton had a chat with Brendan McLeod and Adrian Glynn from the band The Fugitives about their album No Help Coming.Β 


20.🍁Joshua Van Tassel: The Recently Beautiful (Backward)
19.🍁Morgan Toney: Resilience (Ishkode)
18. Dub Stax: Dub Stax (Echo Beach)
17. Inn Echo: Hemispheres (Independent)
16. Amos Lee: Honeysuckle Switches (Thirty Tigers)
15. Tracy Nelson: Life Don’t Miss Nobody (Independent)
14.🍁Brandon Isaak: One Step Closer (Independent)
13. Pat Metheny: Dream Box (BMG)
12. Say She She: Silver (Karma Chief)
11. Badiaa Bouhrizi: KahruMusiqa (Akuphone)

10. East Forest: Music For The Deck of The Titanic (Bright Antenna)
9. Rich Hinman: Memorial (Colorfield)
8.🍁Shred Kelly: Blurry Vision (Independent)
7.🌺Kue Varo: Cowboy Witchcraft (Unsigned)
6.🌺Amy van Keeken: Wave At Me EP (World Peach)
5.🍁Bry Webb: Run With Me (Idee Fixe)
4.🍁Kahtolin: 4 Seasons (Musique Nomade)
3. Claire Cross & Harry Cook: Dialect (ABC Jazz)
2.🌺Kaiya Kodie: When The Lights Have All Gone Out EP (Independent)
1.🌺Jessica McMann: Prairie Dusk (Independent)

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