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Thank You for Your Support!


We know that CKUA listeners are a strong community of loyal supporters who give what they can, when they can. But to behold it in action in the CKUA pledge room? Well, that is just something else! Wow! Thank you.

There were a few changes during this campaign, but they did not faze you. You came through for your station with passion and generosity. This, of course, makes perfect sense. After all, CKUA is Powered by People.

We are so grateful for this growing community of monthly, leadership, and campaign donors, tremendous volunteers, and fantastic community partners. Without your love, financial support, time, talent – and let’s be real, many, many jujubes – all of this (imagine a grand gesture sweeping across the CKUA space) would not be possible.

This is an amazing community. Thank you for playing a vital part in it.

P.S. Annually, we need to raise $1.2 million during the two on-air campaigns. Spring campaigns on average raise more, so we divided the goal as $550,000 for Fall 2019 and $650,000 for Spring 2020. Your generosity continued to flow after we met the Fall goal, and we are thrilled to have surpassed the $550,000 mark. We will take all the funds raised over $550,000 and will put them towards the $650,000 Spring goal.

Thank you for your support – we appreciate you so much!