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There are three of them, and together they have twelve eyes. They’re made of ripstop nylon. They require six sandbags and three anchors to keep them in place. Fans and lights keep them looking good. What are they? They’re The Goofs, an inflatable rooftop art installation, currently on the fifth-floor terrace of the CKUA Building in on Jasper Avenue in Edmonton.

Created by Designs in Air, a company based in Bristol, England, they’ll be on the CKUA building throughout Downtown Spark, May 25 – June 4.

After visits to Beijing, China; Manchester, England; and Paisley, Scotland, The Goofs are making their Canadian debut. Please enjoy them, and snap a photo if you’re walking past our building in Edmonton.


If you post the pics to socials, please tag #TheGoofsOnCKUA. We would love to see your photos!

Did you hear Aladean Kheroufi performing live in the park for the Downtown Spark kick-off?

If you missed it, be sure to find the May 25 broadcast of The Upload, OnDemand, before May 31.