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Yolanda from Sargeant x Comrade Amplifies CKUA!


Our fall fundraiser has begun! Does your donation make a difference? Yes! Here now with thoughts on how you and CKUA amplify music, arts, and culture is Yolanda Sargeant of Sargeant x Comrade.

CKUA Radio is a radio station for everyone. It has firm roots within the framework of our community. In the past ninety-four years, it has grown to be a beacon of light, stability, and oneness for the province of Alberta.

Each host is a connoisseur, bringing something thoughtful to the audience. They connect people from all walks of life through music, art, and culture.

CKUA allows people to be seen and heard through online content, candid interviews, and playing their music on the airwaves. From local acts to the world at large, the musical palette of this station is eclectic. A daily reminder that we do belong.”

Thanks Yolanda!
Why do you think it’s important to amplify CKUA with a donation this fall?
Please write us and we’ll share your thoughts with others!

You Can Amplify CKUA!

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