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Want to Refer a Friend to Support CKUA? Here’s how!


Want some extra tools to refer a friend to support CKUA? Look no further!

Here are a few methods you can use to help amplify CKUA on social media or by email.

1) First thing’s first… Join the CKUA Crew! Make a donation!

2) After donating, send us your comments and song requests, then look for the Share Buttons and Refer a Friend button.

3) Click on the Facebook or Twitter button to help share a Support CKUA message with your online community. Need something cool to post? Check out our #CKUAmplify media kit here.

4) Then click on the Mail icon to bring up a message in your email app. Or, another option is to use the Refer a Friend button to send an email to a friend from the CKUA website. Here’s how:

5) What is your friend’s name and email? What is your name and email? (So the message can come from you.)

6) What is your message to your friend? What does CKUA mean to you? Why should they donate?

7) This next section is our bonafide robot catcher. Please do not fill this out!

8) Just hit Submit and you are done! Look for a referral confirmation email in your inbox!

Bonus: Did you miss the buttons in the comment page after donating? No problem-o, these same links are also in your email!

Thank you for amplifying CKUA!

Here’s Allison Brock and Terry David Mulligan giving you a demo: