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Programming Schedule Updates: July 5, 2022


Summer is here and our programming schedule is shifting! We’re happy to share with you a few new shows, anchored by both up-and-coming voices and station veterans, all delivering the musical diversity and dexterity that you love.

We are pleased to share exciting new updates to our daytime schedule. Get ready to hear fresh new shows Tuesday through Thursday between 9am and 1pm.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 

Alberta Morning with Grant Stovel – 6am to 9am
Discoveries with Leo Cripps – 9am to 11am *NEW*
The Upload with Kate Stevens – 11am to 1pm *NEW*
Thoroughfare with Tony King – 1pm to 3pm
Traffic Jams with Lisa Wilton – 3pm to 6pm

Leo Cripps shares his Discoveries, 9am-11am

Picture yourself in a familiar setting, you’re sure you know where you are, however everything is new and exciting! As you stroll along, even the things you recognize seem to have an urgency of newness to them. Now let’s transfer those visuals stimulations to audio, and that’s Discoveries! The intent is to introduce you to new artists, new sounds, new music, and as we explore the new, we’ll reflect on some foundation music, possibly hearing some of them in a new way for the first time.

A classically and jazz-trained trumpeter, Leo Cripps‘ appetite for music, travelling and exploring has taken him in many directions. “I will listen to and appreciate any and every music,” Leo says. A product of the Jamaica School of Music, he began his career as a performer and music teacher. He would eventually also receive a BA in Music from the University of Calgary and graduate from Mount Royal University’s broadcast journalism program.


Kate Stevens shares a musical refresh with The Upload, 11am-1pm

The Upload focuses on new music, music news and delivering information to our listeners instantly. When you upload something it’s usually something new. New information, new music and fresh data. It’s fast, positive, and upbeat. Instead of reading your Twitter feed looking for music news, just tune in!

Eager about radio and voice work, Kate Stevens graduated from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in April 2020. In broadcasting, she has a passion for arts, culture, and showcasing emerging artists in her programming.


We’re excited about these new programs and what they will add to the daytime mix of music and conversation. “We appreciate how much we’re able to keep people informed and engaged with music, arts, and culture, and are eager to really hone in on that by expanding our broadcast schedule with two new morning music shows, helmed by knowledgeable and engaged hosts,” says Vish Khanna, CKUA’s Content Director.

“Leo Cripps’ Discoveries will be your place to hear artists you’re familiar with and those who may be more obscure, but either way, you’ll wind up learning something fascinating about their work, as it relates to the world at large. Kate Stevens hosts The Upload and will provide your daily dose of music news, from brand new singles to reflecting the music headlines of the day. Each show may feature insights from the musicians themselves and our hope is that between the songs and the commentary, you’ll feel enriched and inspired by what you’ve heard.”

You may already be familiar with Leo and Kate, and we welcome them to their new roles, and hope you enjoy these new programs.

P.S. Many of our hosts will be taking some well-earned vacation time in July and August as well, so don’t panic if you hear some guest voices in the mix while Grant, Tony, and others enjoy some rest and relaxation!