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Monthly Amplifiers – FAQ


CKUA Monthly Donors = Amplifiers

From April 1 to April 20 Monthly Donors will Amplify the CKUA Community. Join CKUA and help us celebrate our Monthly Donors!


1) Check the home page, Instagram Stories, or listen for new mini goals announced by the hosts each day.

2) Donate!

3) After your donation has been confirmed, scroll down to the Request a Song button and let us know what Mini Goal you’re contributing to. This is what it looks like:

4) Enter your Mini goal. This is what it looks like:

How it works:

• We will set mini goals throughout the day from April 1 to April 20
• With every mini goal CKUA will be AMPLIFIED by our Monthly Donors
• For each completion of a mini goal $1000 (gifted by Monthly Donors) will be added to the Spring 2022 Fundraiser total

What does it sound like when a mini goal is announced on air?

Here’s the two Mini Goals we launched the Spring Fundraiser with. CKUA Board of Directors Chair, Lindsay Hood, and CKUA CEO Marc Carnes joined Grant Stovel, Friday, April 1st to kick off the #Amplify campaign:

Why this promotion is important:

• Monthly Donors are integral to CKUA’s ability to present Music, Arts and Culture 365 days a year
• Monthly Donors deserve to be celebrated
• Monthly Donors are perfect examples of how to Amplify CKUA
• Mini goals cannot be achieved alone – each one will rely on the CKUA Community to contribute together

Why Monthly Donors are so important…

• They are the backbone of CKUA and consistently fund our operations and programming
• Provide a reliable source of funding that helps us plan
• Most engaged donors, providing feedback and helping shape a successful future
• Stick with us through good and bad, thick and thin
• Understand the value of supporting what you want to continue
• Make sure CKUA survives, available for future listeners

What happens when a mini goal is successful?

Each mini goal will be Amplified! by our monthly donors and $1000 will be added to the total fundraising bucket on the road to $1 million dollars.

How will we know when a goal has been achieved?

Amplified! mini goals will be posted to socials, website updated, announced on-air (not necessarily in order).

How will donors be able to share which mini goal they are amplifying?

1) Make donation online
2) After you have you have made the donation, you will be prompted to make a musical suggestion, on that page you can also share your mini goal story by answering: Which mini goal are you amplifying with your donation today?

How many dollars do I need to donate to participate?

There is no minimum – we are encouraging the act of giving, not a specific dollar amount.

Am I limited to the number of mini goals I can support?

No, we welcome you to support as many mini goals as you wish; if a goal resonates with you, please consider making a donation.

What if I want to participate but don’t meet the requirements of the current mini goals?

Anyone can give, at any time. You can let your friends know if a mini goal may resonate with them – a great way to Play it Forward. You don’t have to wait for a mini goal.

Is Monthly Amplifiers the same as Double Your Dollars?

No. Monthly Amplifiers support giving by Amplifying Your Actions and Leadership DYD support giving by Doubling Your Dollars.

I have an idea for a mini goal, how can I share it?

Listeners can email their suggestions to

Further questions?

Email for answers!