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We always love to hear where people are when they tune in to CKUA. We recently chatted with Susanne. She and her husband, Danny, listen from Ontario in the summer and from their Florida home in the winter. We were amazed and impressed to learn that not even a hurricane could interfere with their support of CKUA.

How did your family discover CKUA?

We lived in Alberta from 2000 to 2004 and found CKUA there. We’ve been listening ever since. We live in Ontario now and in Florida in the winter, so we listen through the CKUA app.

Do you have a favourite program?

We love Alberta Morning with Grant, Thoroughfare with Tony, and Mid-Morning Mojo with Baba. Sometimes we can catch Friday Night Blues Party or Lionel’s Vinyls.

Why do you support CKUA through donations?

I am not a big donor to charities except CKUA. I can hear where the money goes. I especially enjoy the fundraising weeks. I wish it had been longer this year, as the music is always amazing. CKUA helps the entire community, by their presence on air. No other radio station can come close to what CKUA does for Alberta and the country.

You’ve recently had some damage to your place in Florida because of Hurricane Ian. How is the rebuilding going, for you and for others in the area?

We had a lot of damage to our house on Sanibel Island, as did most of the residents. Our house now has a roof! But we had six broken windows and ripped up siding. Landscaping is now gross mud. The island is starting to “regreen.” Birds are coming back, and there have been sightings of panthers and coyotes. The rebuild is progressing slowly.

Do you have a song suggestion for your fellow CKUA listeners?

“Courage” by The Tragically Hip