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Meet our 50/50 winner Ken K!

Grant Stovel, Ken K. and Adam Mitchell

As we launch a brand new raffle, it’s also time to check in with the winner of our last one!

Ken K of Edmonton says he was incredulous when he was told he’d won $196,615.

“I was just in shock, I couldn’t believe it, that I would be lucky enough to win something,” he says. He’d lost track of the total, he says, but thought it was probably around $100,000.

After the news sunk in that it was closer to $200,000 “I thought, ‘this is great! I can pay off some things and maybe buy some things,’” he laughs. “Maybe take a trip one day.”

He plans to pay off some debts and give some money to his adult son and daughter.

“I may be looking at getting a newer car,” he says. “Something practical; I’m not going to go and buy a Mercedes.”

He’s a pretty practical guy in general, says the retired electronics tech. “I don’t really have an expensive lifestyle, shall we say.”

He does like the idea of taking a trip, however. “I’ve always really wanted to see Scotland so I may try to work that into the equation,” he says. His family originally hails from the area. It would be his first time out of North America.

Ken says he has bought tickets for every CKUA 50/50 so far. “I just thought that it’s a good way to support the station and then by some fluke I might come out of it with something for myself.”

He’s been listening to CKUA for years. “You get such a wide range of variety. I’ve always listened to it because some of them play the kind of stuff I actually like and every so often I’m surprised by something I hear that I didn’t know about.”

When asked his favourite host or show, he says, “That’s like picking your favourite child!” but adds, “There are certain people I tend to gravitate towards like Lionel, Cam and Holger.”

Ken says he keeps busy playing blues/rock guitar and building vintage guitar amps. He built his first amp in high school and then decided to try again around 20 years ago, just for fun. A musician spotted it, asked to buy it, and the rest is history. He’s now built and sold 40-50 amps.

It was a good day when he got the call about winning the 50/50 Raffle, he says. “Oh for sure, it was a pretty nice surprise, it’s a significant prize.”

Feeling sad that you didn’t win this past 50/50 raffle? Fear not, another one has just launched! Tickets are on sale now. The draw takes place Feb. 29.