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Meet CKUA’s newest fill-in host, Priscilla Cherry


CKUA’s newest fill-in host is Priscilla Cherry. We were happy to connect with her in CKUA’s Calgary studio for a short chat, and she laughs about how she came to be a radio host. “I love talking! When I was in school, I got in trouble for it. I was moved to a different desk because I was talking. So it makes sense that I would be a host, speaking with people.”

When asked what intrigues her about joining CKUA, she says, “I love that we are the oldest radio station in Canada. That actually blows my mind. I mean, yay Alberta, right? There is so much magic here, and I love that CKUA is a platform to share what’s happening. I get excited about the idea of bringing the world to Alberta, and sharing Alberta with the world.”

Priscilla’s own musical tastes are just as diverse as you’d expect, for someone who is making a new home at CKUA. “I love soul, R&B, and jazz. Reggae, Soca, and Calypso are tied to my Caribbean heart and roots. World music and fusion, too. I love anything with a catchy rhythm that makes me want to groove and dance!”

Priscilla takes on many different projects all with a common theme: joy. “I’m a full-time creative in media arts. I get restless, and I love working on multiple things. People say, ‘Oh Priscilla, you’re all over the place,’ but I think that’s actually a good thing. I operate on multiple frequencies. Everything I express or do is related to my passion for the arts. Live hosting or radio hosting; it’s all about enthusiasm. We can use media arts as a change agent. There’s always an element of play and wonder. If I’m not having fun, count me out!”

Welcome, Priscilla! Thanks for choosing this song to share with our audience.