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Meet CKUA’s IT Director, Alex Hall

Community Profiles

After four months at CKUA, Alex Hall has become an integral part of the community. He’s the Director of IT and Broadcasting, making sure systems and technology are ready to bring CKUA to its listeners. Alex has travelled many paths to get to where he is now at CKUA. And his love of music, arts, and culture extends far beyond the workplace.

When asked about what brought Alex to CKUA, he says, “I am a musician myself. I have a degree in music. But all of that was to lead me to where I am today.”

CKUA helps him express his love of the technical side of music. “I was more in love with music technology, but I had to go through the process of understanding music to understand music technology. Music, arts, and culture: that’s what brought me here.”

Alex says, “My favourite part about working here is the people. I love the culture of the organization, the people that I work with and work around. It’s a very healthy environment. I will come here every morning with a smile because I know the people I work with are good people; we can have good conversations.”

Upon his arrival at CKUA, Alex was pleasantly surprised at how embraced he felt by the community: “Everyone was very welcoming. It was a smooth transition. There was a lot I needed to learn about the organization, and they were very patient and walked me through it.”

When he isn’t managing systems, networks, and software, or running security scans, Alex plays a myriad of brass instruments, including the trumpet, trombone, tuba, and baritone. If you can’t find Alex at CKUA, you can likely find him in his church. He’s particularly invested in Gospel music and the variety of genres it reaches. “In every genre you’ll find a gospel aspect to it. That’s where I find my love and passion for music,” he says. “I love this band in the Caribbean called Reggaeton Phonic. They are awesome. They play gospel music with reggaeton.”