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Meet CKUA donor Marilyn Hooper

Five Questions

Longtime donor Marilyn Hooper started listening to CKUA because of a family connection. We spoke with Marilyn and learned more about her favourite programs, the host she considers “Alberta royalty,” and why CKUA listeners know the music even before the band comes to town.

How did you discover CKUA and become a fan?
My cousin, Cathy Ennis, was an announcer at CKUA, on Classic Examples in the late 70s.  I tuned in to hear her and haven’t moved the dial since.

Do you have a favourite program?
I love many of them, but I am especially fond of Leo Cripps’ and Holger Petersen’s shows. Leo has such an adventurous spirit. He takes my ears to these beautiful, melodious places, and then to some spicy, energetic places. He is a master. And what can you say about Holger that hasn’t already been said? And what doesn’t Holger know about the blues? He presents traditional blues along with new artists who are keeping the cultural importance of the genre alive and well. I always tell people that Holger is as close to Alberta royalty as we will ever get.

Why do you donate monthly?
Simply because it is easier. I love my station and I want it to thrive, so I take care of it by doing the monthly debit.

You’ve talked about CKUA listeners knowing bands and festival acts before they come to town. Why is that? 
I remember specifically going to a sold-out show by Kobo Town quite some time ago and chatting afterwards with the bass player in the lobby. He asked me, “How do all these people know us ?” and I said, “CKUA. You guys are getting lots of rotation.” CKUA fans just have to tune in prior to a show or festival to familiarize themselves with the performers, if they don’t already know them. Other radio stations are given their playlist to play. CKUA supports “the home team.”

Can you choose a song to send out to our listeners?
This one is about being a champion and taking a stand. Do it. Become a donor. “You Got To Run” by Buffy Sainte-Marie.