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Meet CKUA Donor Arthur White Owl

Community Profiles

“CKUA is the collection of many dreams and so many songs. It will endure.” – Arthur White Owl

Arthur White Owl has been supporting CKUA for decades. He’s a monthly donor who lives in Spruce Grove, and we recently asked him about his connection to CKUA.

“Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude to CKUA for many years of wonderful music,” said Arthur. “I have memories of listening to CKUA in our home as a kid. I rediscovered it again about 25 years ago, working away in the patch. I guess it gets into your blood.”

He’s a big fan of the weekend programming in particular. He loves the variety of genres, and says, “The hosts do such a wonderful job sharing their picks and their passion for the music they love, and we get educated.”

When asked why he supports CKUA with a monthly donation, Arthur says, “CKUA is an important glue that helps hold us together as a society. Music stretches my boundaries and soothes my soul. It inspires and moves me. I am a monthly donor because CKUA supports me that way, and it is only right to give back to those who make it possible. Music is vital for us, and we all need more good stuff in our lives.”

Arthur spends many weekends near Edson, volunteering at Surprise Lake Camp. “CKUA is always on so we can sing along or just find a good work groove. I told Tom Coxworth that he helped rebuild the camp. All the weekend hosts made volunteer blisters and sore muscles worthwhile, with their music. Thank you all.”

Thank you for these words, Arthur, and for the support that you have given CKUA over so many years.

We invite all our listeners to donate today. It’s so easy to join the community that keeps the music playing. Thank you!

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