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Meet Adam Mitchell, CKUA’s Chief Operating Officer

Community Profiles

This week we’re introducing Adam Mitchell to the CKUA Community. Adam is CKUA’s new Chief Operating Officer, and we caught up with him to learn about him, his work, and his affection for all kinds of music.

When asked what drew him to CKUA, Adam says, “Music has always been a central fixture in my life. In my family, picking dinner music before sitting down at the table was as important as the meal itself, and many nights were spent sitting and talking and listening to music long after the dishes had been cleared.”

One night in his childhood was particularly memorable: “My father showed me that on some overcast evenings you could receive FM signals from incredibly far away. I would sit by the dial of our living room stereo and carefully scan the airwaves for faint and exotic signals. As a kid growing up in Winnipeg, that meant American stations from places that I had never been to, and sometimes never heard of.”

Adam’s interest in diverse and eclectic music grew again when he moved to Edmonton. “I discovered CKUA in university, and since then it has been the station that has played in my workplace(s), in my basement and garage, and on late night drives when classical and jazz were the best soundtrack for life.”

Adam has a strong background in arts administration and leadership, and says, “My work here will see me overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business—working with this amazing team that gives their heart and soul 365 days a year into filling the airways with music for people like me to discover.”

When he’s not working, Adam likes to hang out with his wife, Keri, and their dog, Tammy. “We love the outdoors, mountain activities, and being near the water.”

And his hopes for CKUA’s future are both lofty and simple: “I want to help to inspire the next generation of music curious folks. I want to support Alberta and Canadian artists at every stage of their career. I want to tell our story.”

Adam loves The Pixies, and sends this song out to CKUA’s listeners.