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Marc’s Mailbag: Welcome to the Crew


Every so often, we receive questions from listeners about what goes on at CKUA, behind the scenes. As such, we’re pleased to present Marc’s Mailbag, wherein our CEO/Monthly subscriber/campaign leadership donor, Marc Carnes, answers some of the more interesting queries we’ve received recently. This month’s edition finds Marc speaking less to a specific question and more about the Crew.

Do you remember the good ol’ days when we could go to a show or a festival and see our favourite band? While this summer might be too early to go all-in, those days will soon be back again. And if you’re like me, you can’t wait.

With the music industry’s return, I am reminded that it’s not just the band who returns to work. It’s also the crew, engineers, promoters, managers, equipment, venues, and staff. When you go online or walk up to the counter to buy your next concert ticket, the ticket you buy supports an ensemble of professionals committed to the show you are about to see.

In many ways, CKUA is quite similar. The 31 hosts that make up your weekly CKUA listening experience are the band–a big, musically diverse, fun-loving band. Behind them is the CKUA crew, including engineers, promoters, producers, technicians, equipment, studios and staff.

Recently we’ve shared insights with you about the inner workings of CKUA. Whether it’s the history of our transmitter network, the surprisingly high technical costs to keep the network running, or the variety of revenue sources that help fuel CKUA each year, our goal has been to share with you the size and complexity of CKUA. After all, it takes a big crew working in concert with a big band to make the CKUA you know and love.

And we have a place for you on the Crew
, too. By becoming a CKUA donor, it’s your ticket Backstage. You become part of the team that shepherds the CKUA community, connecting listeners across Alberta and worldwide through the magic of professional, expertly curated public radio made right here in Alberta.

So why should you join the Crew? For the same reason anyone joins a crew:

Because you love the band. You love discovering great music as much as we do. You love learning the story behind the music as much as we do. And because you love supporting great, independent local and international artists as much as we do.

Please join us. Click here to donate today.

Welcome to the Crew,

Marc Carnes
CEO/Crew Chief

Do you have a question for Marc’s Mailbag? Please write us and we’ll get it to Marc right away!