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Marc’s Mailbag: “Repeat broadcasts? What gives?”

Marc's Mailbag

Every so often, we receive questions from listeners about what goes on at CKUA, behind the scenes. As such, we’re pleased to present Marc’s Mailbag, wherein our CEO, Marc Carnes, answers some of the more interesting queries we’ve received recently.

This month:
“I’m noticing more repeat programming lately – why is that?”
– a version of a question we’ve received from many different listeners lately

It’s true. We are repeating programming right now—on average, every fifth show of many of our weekday programs and some of our weekend programs. It’s the reality of COVID. Even with exceptional fundraising campaigns and committed support from you, our listeners, CKUA is not in a bubble nor immune to the financial pressures caused by COVID in other aspects of our business.

To respond, we’ve made sound business decisions to maintain daily service and protect jobs while appropriately stewarding donated funds. We continually reimagine, redesign and evaluate our business model to ensure CKUA not only rides the wave of the pandemic but comes out better and stronger on the other side. While certainly not ideal, the least disruptive option for CKUA and our listeners is to entertain some occasional rebroadcasts during this time of uncertainty.

There are a few principles that we hold dear at CKUA and which make up an unspoken contract with you, our listeners: to present you with diverse, quality programming, expertly curated by 31 familiar voices who shine a spotlight on the music, artists, and cultural sector that bring joy and meaning to our lives. To continue to present you with something independent, authentic and human in the current economic environment means there must be some give and take. In many ways, we are fortunate. And grateful. The programming impacts resulting from the loss of thousands of Canadian radio and media jobs are a harsh reminder of what could be if it weren’t for your financial support.

COVID has reminded the world of the importance of local media to keep us connected to our communities. It’s what we strive for, thanks to the funding and shows of support we receive from our listeners and advertisers every day. As fundraising results increase and the economy and business environment improve, we can’t wait to return to your regularly scheduled programming.

In the meantime, we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these strange times together.

Thanks again to any of you who posed some semblance of this question!

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