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Marc’s Mailbag: Building an Online Community

Marc's Mailbag

Every so often, we receive questions from listeners about what goes on at CKUA, behind the scenes. As such, we’re pleased to present Marc’s Mailbag, wherein our CEO/Monthly subscriber/campaign leadership donor, Marc Carnes, answers some of the more interesting queries we’ve received recently. If you have questions for Marc, please write us an email! This month, we delve into CKUA’s work towards building and engaging with an online community.

Building an online community

We are striving to convey that CKUA is a shared, inclusive enterprise, and that the work we do is only possible thanks to musicians, announcers, artists, their fans, and our fans and donors. Our approach is one that fosters open and engaged conversation.

In 2020, we shared 165 arts and culture stories, and we look forward to continuing that coverage in the years to come. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, CKUA has remained committed to celebrating the vibrancy, diversity, and resiliency of Alberta’s arts and culture scene.

We are experimenting and tweaking our digital communications to optimize best outcomes. We are learning new things each week and adapting accordingly to provide each thing we make with a better than fighting chance to be seen and heard in a crowded and competitive media landscape.

Using our social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in an intentional manner, we’re enhancing the circulation of our content and growing our online community. Here’s a few of our top stories over the last 18 months:


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In our effort to amplify the voice of CKUA, we are placing increased focus on our digital communications strategy, with an aim to generate interactivity at all times. One of the ways we are doing that is through sharing dynamic listener-generated content, such as essays or short stories for our newsletter and website that we shares with current and potential listeners.

We hope you found this informative! Do you have a question for Marc’s Mailbag? Please write us and we’ll get it to Marc right away!