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Listener Mug Shots


In case you missed it, in the weekend leading up to the February 7 edition of Alberta Morning, Grant Stovel and CKUA put out a call on social media for stories about your favourite mug. We even invited people to send us photos, AKA “mug shots.”

Monday’s morning program was full of music and conversation about coffee, tea, and the mugs we love!

“This cup is a shout out to bee keepers everywhere….I’m one of them. Thanx!” – Cydney, Alberta Beach, Alberta

“Enjoying our morning cup of coffee before heading down to our studio to paint! This mug features our first painting. Every time we take a sip, we are inspired. CKUA is always the soundtrack to our day. Loving the coffee themed playlist this morning? ❤ it is tempting us to bump up our caffeine intake! Cheers!” – Bhuddi and Kupu, ARTrophy studios, Okotoks, AB

“Good morning Grant! Here’s a wild horse that brings back Alberta Foothill memories. No need to share this but I wrote a quick ode to a morning in NYC beat style.” – Sparrow, Nova Scotia

Coffee and oatmeal
on a brick patio
radio musika out of
hidden speakers,
no tweakers in sight
rows of sycamore trees filled with cicadas
they sing
wings not used here
in the morning light
Crash trash taken away
go play I hear
her mama say
sugar ants circling
their lac de lac
on tabletops red
misled misread signals flashing digital consumer gang signs
naked girls in underwear oxymoron moron NYC
true myth
Take another sip

“I love this mug as it keeps my coffee warm in the morning and my younger son Aaron made it for me for a Christmas present. It has my initial on it as well as my name is Sandra. I have been using it every day since Dec 27 2016 and will be as long as I have it. ” – Sandra, Edmonton AB

My wife drinks her coffee out of a $20 Le Creuset mug. To her horror, I drink mine out of  Korean-made promotional mug that I got free with a bag of groceries at Overwaitea in British Columbia in 1981. It’s the perfect size, the handle fits my pudgy fingers just perfectly and  it keeps coffee warmer longer than any other mug I have encountered. The coffee stains in it are permanent now and the writing on it is mostly worn away by years of dishwashers. Cheers!” – Don, Calgary, AB

“It’s retired now, but it was my Dad’s. I’ve drank everything from coffee to rye and coke from this classic, depicting Ma yelling ‘paw yer coffee’s ready!’ to poor Paw using the outhouse.” – Alice

Check out the collection submitted by CKUA Board of Directors Chair, Lindsay Hood.