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Lisa Jacobs and the Music Cities Convention

Five Questions

Earlier this month, the Music Cities Convention in Edmonton and Calgary saw international speakers joining remotely from more than fifteen countries, with 400+ delegates attending virtually from around the world.

We also spoke to Music Cities Convention co-host, Lisa Jacobs. Lisa is a multi-instrumentalist and music therapist who’s created music with people of varied abilities in many settings, including schools, hospitals, and a maximum-security prison. She’s also a CKUA fan!

“I love that CKUA has such a great mix of hosts that are part of the music community in so many ways beyond radio. I’ve shared stages with, been interviewed by, booked by, and have musically admired so many of the hosts. I appreciate the mix of local music in the programming. It’s fun hearing my pals on the radio. Also, Holger Petersen is an absolute legend.” – Lisa Jacobs

We asked Lisa five questions so we could learn more about Music Cities, and about her.

1. What is your involvement with Music Cities and how does a convention like it help artists?

I co-hosted the Music Cities Convention with CKUA’s Grant Stovel. This convention looks at music, culture, and the arts with a much broader scope than say, a music conference. It focuses on connections between tourism, economics, community, city planning,  by-laws etc. and music. Essentially, how is music serving our city and how can the city better serve the music community? So it impacts musicians on a lot of levels–gigs, venues, events, funding, accessibility, affordable living and much more.  It’s a reminder of the value of music and musicians to community.

2. What has been the highlight for you of Music Cities?

I left the convention feeling challenged, inspired, connected, and more informed.  Above everything else, I felt grateful and hopeful that people around the world are sharing ideas about the value that music and musicians bring to communities, cities, and countries.

3. What instrument do you play, and what kinds of music?

My main instrument is electric bass guitar.  I also play piano and guitar. As a music therapist, I mainly use guitar for sessions (and have a car full of percussion instruments).  The piano is my favourite for personal expression.  I play all three on gigs but I’m definitely most well-versed at bass. (Plus I adore it!) I love a lot of genres of music, so I’ve played a variety of styles over the years–pop, R’n’B, folk, Americana, hip hop, funk, country, rock, jazz, etc.  Classical music was the first thing I played on the piano. Blues was the first thing I learned on the bass.

4. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

The Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary is my favourite place to wander. I love meeting up for dinner/drinks with friends. I dig travelling, attending shows, and seeing art. I also like to play music even when I’m not working!

5. Who is the best bassist in the world and why?

Hahaha. This is basically an impossible question to answer!


Missed out on the Music Cities Convention? The video recordings are available at