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“Life Is Better With You” CKUA celebrates the families that listen together

Community Profiles

How well do you know your family? We asked the Moore family—Grant, Dana, and Caleb—to answer some questions about their CKUA journey, without looking at each other’s answers.

As we look ahead to Family Day, all of us at CKUA are grateful for the families that listen together (sometimes across the miles), volunteer together, and donate together. You’re the best!

How long have you been listening to CKUA?

Grant: I moved to Edmonton in May 1989, and have been listening ever since.
Dana: Since I started coming to Edmonton to visit Grant 33+ years ago. But regularly since I made the move to Edmonton 32 years ago.
Caleb: 24 years and 9 months

What program(s) do you enjoy the most?

Grant: CKUA is on in my work space, so Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm programming, and add in A Time for JazzMulligan StewLionel’s VinylsDirty Windshields Radio Hour
Dana: Do I have to choose?! Mulligan Stew, Discoveries, World Spinning, A Time for Jazz, Mid-morning Mojo, Thoroughfare, The Upload. I could go on!!
 Caleb: Whatever is on the radio.

Why do you support CKUA with regular donations?

Grant: I gain and learn so much from listening to CKUA. I feel should do my part to keep the gifts coming.
Dana: I make regular donations to keep CKUA playing in the car, on my computer, and when I am travelling and need a taste of home. None of these could happen without the amazing team of CKUA staff and hosts.
 Caleb: My parents do so I can listen to great music!

Does your family have a favourite song?

Grant: CKUA introduced us to Michael Franti, so a family fave from my perspective is “Life Is Better With You” and CKUA.
Dana: Michael Franti’s “Say Hey (I Love You).”
Caleb: Michael Franti’s “Good S**t Happens”