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How CKUA helps Judy Jackson cope

Community Profiles

Do you have a story about you and CKUA that you’d like to share with us? Please let us know by replying to this email! We’d love to feature it! What do such stories look like? Well, here’s one by listener Judy Jackson!

I was introduced to CKUA years ago by my sweetheart Dan.

He had been an avid listener for many years and shared his love with me. His favourite programs were: the Friday Night Blues Party, Wide Cut Country, Mulligan Stew and Dirty Windshields.

We had a long distance relationship and listening to these programs was our way of staying connected. When we were together, listening to CKUA on Friday and Saturday nights became ‘our’ thing–talking and enjoying the music.

I lost my sweetheart two years ago in a tragic accident…but the music didn’t die.

Even though we can no longer listen to CKUA together, I still listen to our programs. The music brings him alive. It’s bittersweet but I do it for him and yes, sometimes there are tears.

I do believe that wherever he is, he’s listening and enjoying an AGD beer!!

I recently discovered Lionel’s Vinyls, so instead of turning off the music after Mulligan Stew, I will continue listening.

Thank you for the music that brings my Dan closer.

Judy Jackson
Port Coquitlam, BC

Thanks again for telling us this touching story Judy.

Please email us if you would like to share your own CKUA story with our community!