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House Blend Playlist: September 17, 2018

House Blend Playlist

Every week, CKUA’s hosts submit their songs for our weekly House Blend playlist: an exciting new release, a beloved classic or just an old personal favourite. We mix it all together to create a sonic concoction that’ll help kick off your week. Check out what’s on this week’s playlist.

The Playlist

The Picks

Orest Soltykevych: Michael Bridge, “Johann Sebastian Bach: French Suite #5 BWV816”

Johann Sebastian Bach composed a set of six suites which consisted of dances written in the French baroque style. Bach’s successors named these suites the “French Suites.” One of these suites was arranged by Calgary native Michael Bridge. His first music teacher was a family friend named Sharon Hann. When Michael was five years old, Sharon bought him an accordion for $5 at a garage sale and inspired him to learn to play the instrument. Michael ended up having his solo orchestral debut with the Boston Pops orchestra at age 17 and he now gives over 100 concerts per year in Europe and the Americas.

*This song is not available online. Listen to it on CKUA this week.


Roy Forbes: John Coltrane, “Untitled original 11383 Take 1”

Lost jazz from John Coltrane and his classic quartet, recorded at Rudy Van Gelder’s studio on March 6, 1963. The contents of this newly released album were thought to be lost, until the recent discovery of safety tapes from the session, in possession of Coltrane’s family. Sonny Rollins calls Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album “a new room in the great pyramid”.


Bob Chelmick: Shaye Zadravec, “I’ll Carry For You”

Lovely new(ish) Calgary voice, Chip Taylor song, ukulele, simple arrangement, big promise.


Baba: Aki Kumar, “All Bark No Bite”

The blues, it’s a universal idiom, but now with a side dish of curried harmonica.


Matt Masters: Pierre Kwenders, “La La Love”

This song has a depth that just pulls you in. Layers upon layers of rhythms and voices makes for a compelling listen and re-listen. Dive in!


Meg Wilcox: Said The Whale, “Howe Sounds”

This song/EP came out more than 10 years ago, but there’s something about the start of fall that always brings me back to the mellow hooks and sense of nostalgia. Plus, “I’ve got love handles but I cannot handle love” is definitely among my favourite song lyrics.


Tony King: Iron & Wine, “Last of Your Rock ‘n’ Roll Heroes”

This beautiful new song comes from Weed Garden, the new EP from Sam Beam, aka Iron & Wine. Given it’s format, and bearing in mind the title of the disc, one may instinctively think this is a collection of stuff that was tossed out of the carrot patch only to be exhumed by some financially-motivated record executive. Not the case here, “Last of Your Rock ‘n’ Roll Heroes” finds the titular artist in fine form tossing out wry barbs at his intended subject, while laying down some uncharacteristic grooves!


Kodi Hutchinson: Karl Roth, “I Wanna Turn Out My Light”

Great to see one of Alberta’s beloved jazz musicians performing live in the province after what seemed to be a long hiatus. Karl is both a charming vocalist and tasteful violinist with a subtle sense of humour on this track.


Grant Stovel: Aki Kumar, “Aaja Aaja”

On his brand-new record Hindi Man Blues, singer/harmonica man Aki Kumar continues the inspired and gleeful melding of his musical worlds: the Bollywood songs he grew up on in Mumbai along with the West Coast harmonica-led blues that he fell in love with when he moved to California as a young man. Check out Aki’s version of “Aaja Aaja”, alongside the 1966 Bollywood original!


Cathy Ennis: 10cc, “Dreadlock Holiday”

Back 40 years for this one! Maybe it’s the changing season that has me Caribbean dreamin’. More likely though, the new reggae sounds of Journeys heard Saturday afternoons on CKUA. This song was based on real events Eric Stewart of 10cc and Moody Blues vocalist Justin Hayward experienced in Barbados. Stewart decided to change the location to Jamaica.



Mark Antonelli: Mari Mantyla, decacorde, “A Cloud On The Palm Of The Hand”

I had never heard the decacorde, a 10-stringed guitar, played before. It’s as if a guitar, a lute and a harp somehow all got together. It’s played with two hands and held on the lap. The piece was written in memory of a friend of the composer whose life was cut short. An amazing sound and an amazing soloist.

*This song is not available online. Listen to it on CKUA this week.


Lionel Rault: Richard Thompson, “The Rattle Within”

From 13 Rivers, Richard Thompson’s 19th solo album, not to mention his work with his ex-wife Linda and Fairport Convention, “The Rattle Within” gives the listener a little jolt of that energy Richard Thompson’s live appearances are famous for. This powerful, intelligent, brilliantly-delivered performance is yet another high point in a long storied career.