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House Blend Playlist: October 1, 2018

House Blend Playlist

Every week, CKUA’s hosts submit their songs for our weekly House Blend playlist: an exciting new release, a beloved classic or just an old personal favourite. We mix it all together to create a sonic concoction that’ll help kick off your week. Check out what’s on this week’s playlist.

The Playlist

The Picks

Tom Coxworth: Richard Thompson, “No Matter”

A very rockin’ 13 Rivers is the latest from Richard Thompson.  This song is the most reflective of his finest songwriting. I like his darker and more revealing songs.


Elliott Garnier: Evan Cheadle , “Shake Sweet Sugar”

A charming, country-blues number with vocals that call to mind the likes of Vetiver’s Andy Cabic. Be sure to check out Evan’s stellar EP, Chasing Shadows.


Orest Soltykevych: Michi Wiancko and Dina Vainshtein, “Farfalla (Butterfly)”

Emile Sauret was a late 19th/early 20th century French composer. He was also a child prodigy virtuoso violinist. At age eight, Sauret was already playing at public concerts in Vienna, London and Paris, where he often performed at the court of Napoleon. This is a piece that imitates the flickering of the phantom light of the will-o-the-wisp.

*This song is not available on Spotify. Listen to it this week on CKUA.


Mark Antonelli: Michael Strutt, “Aki no iro” (“Colours Of Autumn”) and “Ochiba no sei” (“Spirit Of Falling Leaves”)

I’ve chosen a seasonal two-fer for you this week: two pieces of music inspired by autumn by the Japanese composer Morishige Takei, no relation to George. There’s a certain serenity to the music that’s appropriate and the guitar almost sounds like a koto, a Japanese zither, on occasion. The entire album is definitely worth a listen!

*This song is not available on Spotify. Listen to it this week on CKUA.


Baba: 54-40, “How’s Your Day Going?”

The rock band, 54-40, have been at it since the early eighties and still sounding very current. The band is still a good reminder of our relationship with the USA. “How’s Your Day Going?” is a good line to open up a conversation. Let’s talk. How’s Your Day Going?


Amy van Keeken: Nat King Cole, ” ‘Tis Autumn”

Nat King Cole and his trio were the first to record this 1941 song by Henry Nemo. The warmth of Nat King Cole’s voice, his masterful intonation and the loveliness and subtlety of his piano playing highlight the beauty of the composition and the beauty of the season.


Lionel Rault: Braden Gates, “Another Reason For The Blues”

Multi-instrumentalist Albertan singer-songwriter Braden Gates hits his stride on his new album called Pictures of Us.


Matt Masters: Jonathan Byrd, “The Law and the Lonesome”

Co-written with his Canadian brother-in- arms, Corin Raymond, North Carolina’s Jonathan Byrd opens his 2008 album of the same name with this foreboding song. It’s a gateway into a collection of southern gothic songs that follow a crow flying past jackknives on the highway and shoot outs at the motel before leaving you with a case of the sucker punch blues.


Hayley Muir: Jonathan Richman, “That Summer Feeling”

Jonathan Richman is playing in Alberta this week on Thursday October 4th in Calgary and at UP+DT in Edmonton. It’s always a treat when iconic musicians like Jonathan come through. He founded The Modern Lovers, a hugely influential band, and has been making music since the 1970s. He’s got such a lovely, light, child-like vibe to him. It seems like perfect timing, with winter knocking at the door, to spin “That Summer Feeling”. Grab your tickets to see him live!


Cathy Ennis: Samite, “Resilience”

Samite is an internationally-acclaimed Ugandan singer, flutist and kalimba player who recently released his 11th album, Resilience. Dedicated to the resilience of the human spirit, this album juxtaposes beautiful scenes and music from his homeland with one of the deadliest civil wars in the Congo.


Roy Forbes: The Beatles, “Savoy Truffle “

“Savoy Truffle” is a highlight from the White Album. George Harrison sings about a box of chocolates and tears up on one of my fave rave Beatle guitar solos. Looking forward to the big multi-disc 50th anniversary box set coming out in early November.


Grant Stovel: Kat Danser, “Goin’ Gone”

Alberta’s own Kat Danser has been listening to train music her whole life. She grew up alongside train tracks on a farm in Saskatchewan. It gave her a lifelong curiosity about what lies just around the next bend — and it’s given her a pretty great feel for how to play a train song! This is her latest train tune, taken from her brand new record, Goin’ Gone.