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House Blend Playlist: February 11, 2019

House Blend Playlist

Every week, CKUA’s hosts submit their songs for our weekly House Blend playlist: an exciting new release, a beloved classic or just an old personal favourite. We mix it all together to create a sonic concoction that’ll help kick off your week. Check out what’s on this week’s playlist.

The Playlist

The Picks

Hayley Muir: Lucy Rose, “Conversation”

This new track from UK singer-songwriter Lucy Rose is really something. Musically, it’s relatively light, layered and textured. But lyrically, it’s a heavy-hitter. Rose works through the many facets of love and relationships, their high points and disappointments. From “no one loves me quite like you do” in the first chorus, to “no one lets me down quite like you do” in the last. A delicious, and devastating, taste of more new material from her to come later this year.


Tom Coxworth: Maddie Storvold, “Half Past”

A young Joni ? A young Sarah? She has something very special to offer: possible folk, possibly even a chart star with great presence in song and sound.


Orest Soltykevych: Dana Zemtsov, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Variations on “O mamma, mamma cara”

In 1829, the great violinist, Niccolo Paganini, wrote a set of twenty variations for violin on the Neapolitan song, “O mamma, mamma cara”, from The Carnival of Venice. And in 2002, the Ukrainian violist and composer, Michael Kugel, took eight of these variations, added 16 of his own, and arranged them all for viola and orchestra.


Bob Chelmick: Christy Moore, “Sixteen Fishermen Raving”

This is some psychedelic folk fare! Wildly abstract and fun. “Why face the angry squall when you could be go-go dancing? …Y’never get enough when you’re flying into mystery….Step back reality!” And it has such a good hook, so to speak. It was recorded in front of an adoring Dublin crowd in 2006.

*This song is not available on Spotify. Listen to it here. 


Lisa Wilton: Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real, “Find Yourself”

Willie’s son, Lukas Nelson, teamed up with pop superstar, Lady Gaga, on this soulful, bluesy number two years before Gaga wowed audiences as an aspiring country singer in the film, A Star Is Born. It’s easy on the ears, but packs a punch thanks to the passionate delivery of both Nelson and Gaga.


Darcy Whiteside: Chris Jones & The Night Drivers, “Who You Want Me to Be”

A single released last year that will be part of Chris Jones and The Night Drivers new album, The Choosing Road, out March 29. A great song co-written by Chris and banjo player, Gina Clowes. Chris will be playing Wayne on February 21st, Millarville on February 22nd, Calgary on February 23rd and Rocky Mountain House on February 23rd.


Cathy Ennis: Bob Marley and the Wailers, “Sun Is Shining”

Around this time every year, I start to feel winter-weary. But I discovered, while listening to this classic reggae track during our recent extreme cold snap, that my mood was significantly elevated. “Sun is shining, the weather is sweet…” (and my hope springs…)


Lionel Rault: Michael Jerome Browne, “Love’s Funny Thing”

A great, new track from Montreal’s reigning blues-roots master. The new album, That`s Where It`s At, is was released February 8th.

*This song is not available on Spotify. Listen to it here. 


Matt Masters: Carter & The Capitals, “One Step From Magic”

High-energy funk from Edmonton. This one got me dancing when I first heard it. A few days later now, my feet are still moving and my toes are still tapping!


Amy van Keeken: Mary Ocher, “Blue Crystal Fire”

A captivating, droning psychedelic cover of Robbie Basho’s song, “Blue Crystal Fire” from his 1978 album, Visions of the Country. Vancouver-born, New York-based cellist, Julia Kent, adds smoky strings to Ocher’s tremulous slightly out-of-phase, double-tracked vocals. Together, they have created a song not unlike a magic spell, an incantation.


Grant Stovel: Mercury Rev feat. Susanne Sundfør, “Tobacco Road”

In 1967, an unknown singer-songwriter unseated the Beatles. At the very height of their Summer of Love glory, they were knocked out of the #1 spot on both the singles and album charts by newcomer, Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode to Billie Joe”. But her follow-up LP, an intoxicating southern Gothic concept album — well, it completely flopped. Dismally. Now, a tribute to this forgotten 1968 masterpiece comes from an unlikely source. Bobbie Gentry’s “The Delta Sweete” has been re-imagined in full by indie-rock-pop eccentrics Mercury Rev, alongside guest lead vocal appearances by thirteen amazing women from Norah Jones to Beth Orton to Lucinda Williams. Norwegian vocalist, Susanne Sundfør, associated with Röyksopp and M83, graces this ornate take on the timeless southern tale, “Tobacco Road”.


Celeigh Cardinal: Quantum Tangle, “Freeze Melt Boil “

“Freeze Melt Boil” is a beautiful song of frustration and protest. Quantum Tangle are advocates for the environment and for Indigenous rights. With this song, and their powerful voices, they strive for a future with true reconciliation.