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Launching: Full Circle with Celeigh Cardinal


Starting September 13, Fridays will include a new CKUA program focused exclusively on celebrating Indigenous music from around the world. CKUA’s beloved Celeigh Cardinal, already well known to many CKUA listeners, is thrilled to begin sharing Indigenous music and stories every Friday evening from 8 to 9 pm MT in a new program called Full Circle.

“I’m so excited I could cry,” said Celeigh, in conversation with colleague Grant Stovel. “It’s a time when we can come together and realize we are celebrating all these different cultures. It’s so important and it’s so special.”

Full Circle is an inclusive celebration of Indigenous music from around the globe. Enjoy the best in traditional and contemporary sounds, both familiar and fresh, from every genre. As a Métis musician, Celeigh will share the stories and music collected in her travels. She will explore history and stories that may have been buried or forgotten, and she’ll give space for emerging and established artists from various traditions and places to be heard.

The show’s name is particularly significant to Celeigh. “Full Circle was actually one of the first titles that I thought of. I was brainstorming with a bunch of people, but I kept coming back to this name because to me it means that it’s for everyone. Circles are very important in the Indigenous community. We’re going to include everyone. It’s going to be this beautiful space of sharing. The circle itself, it can’t be broken, and it’s inclusive. It’s going to be diverse, it’s going to be all genres, all ages, and it’s going to be Indigenous people from all over the world. I just think that it’s a circle that everyone can come and gather in, and we can spend an hour together, and that will be our time.”

“We’re already hearing from CKUA listeners how excited they are about this program,” said Kevin Wilson, Content Director at CKUA. “We’re excited, too. Along with our audience, we learned quickly that Celeigh is a natural and gifted broadcaster. She’s passionate about the music she will be playing on Full Circle, and we’re so pleased to have her as a guide to the best Indigenous music from all over the world.”

You are invited to join the circle! Tune in by finding CKUA on your FM dial, here at, or through the CKUA app.