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Five Questions with Kate Stevens!

Five Questions

Kate Stevens is, somehow, impossibly, even more engaging in real life than she is on the radio airwaves. Her enthusiasm for music, Canadian artists, and R&B is contagious. This Calgary singer/songwriter is the current host of CKUA’s Magnetic North, and we asked her five questions so that we could learn a bit more about her.

1) You began at CKUA as an intern. How did that come to be and what was that experience like?

I started in January of 2021 as a student intern through SAIT’s Radio Television Broadcast News program. I loved CKUA’s approach to sharing diverse music, and the community of people here. It was a little bit hard to get to know my colleagues because we were working remotely and not seeing each other in person. The lovely David Ward was such an encouragement to me, and I stayed on to host a program called The Other Side of Midnight.

2) Tell us about Magnetic North and how you curate this program.

I want to be the younger sister who’s sharing cool new music with people. I plan my program by seeing what’s new with Alberta artists, and I check in a lot with social media. I always want to showcase emerging artists, and musicians people might not be familiar with yet. Canada’s R&B scene is so vibrant. I love sharing heavy hitters and new festival finds!

3) Which person would you be the most nervous to interview?

Joni Mitchell. No question. She’s the most amazing and inspiring person. Ever.

4) You’re also a singer and songwriter. Do you have a favourite Alberta venue or festival where you like to perform?

The Ironwood! Calgary has so many cool older venues, so the Ironwood and the King Eddy are favourites for sure. Playing Calgary Folk Fest was a life-changing thrill as well.

5) Magnetic North is an all-Canadian program. What, do you think, is the quintessential Canadian song?

I’m really drawn to Canadian divas, so I might choose something by Shania Twain or Avril Lavigne. Nope, it’s gotta be Joni again: “Both Sides Now.”

Don’t miss Magnetic North, every Saturday night from 9 to 11 PM (MT)!

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