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“Double Your Dollars” continues all week!


*UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Fall Campaign, including the extended DYD week. To see the final tally, read the Nov 8th edition of Marc’s Mailbag.

We are impressed by the response to our Fall Fundraiser, and we know that the shorter on-air campaign caused a flurry of activity, particularly over the weekend. The grand total continues to grow, and we are celebrating additional wins from the last week as well.

Donor participation was incredible. We welcomed nearly 400 new monthly donors to the CKUA community of supporters. This is the largest increase in new monthly donors over the past six campaigns. We are also celebrating hundreds of current monthly donors who chose to amplify their support by increasing their monthly donation amounts. Combined, these generous donors have stepped up to show their support by building a stable foundation for CKUA into the future.

The energy was excellent. You heard your favourite hosts, and hopefully discovered some new favourites too, with our always-fun host-pairings.

Our community stories and donor voices were engaging. We heard from our neighbours across the province and beyond. We learned why CKUA is important to the artists and musicians that you hear on CKUA everyday.

Do you want to be counted and have YOUR voice heard? It’s not too late to show your support. There is still money in the Double Your Dollars pool and every donation we receive will be doubled by our generous leadership donors until that pool of money is all gone! We would love to hear from YOU.

Help us keep our promise to our Leadership donors who want to motivate the CKUA Community to give. If you have not yet donated, or want to kick in a bit more, now is the time to donate.

We are still accepting donations this week and we are still doubling your dollars. Let’s drain what’s left in the Double Your Dollars pool and continue to AMPLIFY CKUA. We happily receive donations all year long, but this is the week when your support will be doubled!

What can you do to help deplete the DYD pool?

  • Donate! If you thought you missed your chance to donate, think again! Get in touch at If you already donated but found a few loonies between the cushions of the couch and want to send them our way, we’d love that, too.
  • Start a monthly donation. We were so thrilled to see hundreds of donors begin a monthly pledge of support for CKUA. Will you join them?
  • Play It Forward! Remind a friend or family-member who loves CKUA that it’s not too late to be part of the Fall Fundraiser. If you share the news on your social medial channels that CKUA is still in fundraiser mode, more people will know.

Thank you to all who give. This is an amazing community, powered by donors who care, and we appreciate each of you so much!