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Debby Friday wins the 2023 Polaris Music Prize


Congratulations to Toronto’s Debby Friday, who has won the 2023 Polaris Music Prize for her debut album, Good Luck.

Debby Friday is a Nigerian-born artist, and the album moves easily among genres like pop, electronic, and blues.

“I’ve always been a little bit strange, a little bit different from other people,” she said when she accepted the award. “And it’s only in retrospect that I’ve been able to see that this has been a superpower all along. This is actually a gift, and I just want to say that I think it’s very important to protect your strangeness, protect the things that make you different. These are gifts that you’ve been given in this lifetime.”

She’s already said she will use the $50,000 prize to pay down her student loan debt, and to keep making music.

With tracks like “Good Luck” and “I Got It,” Debby Friday’s Polaris-winning album reveals her to be poised and vulnerable at the same time. Tune in to CKUA and you might hear a few tracks in the coming days, or check it out here: