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Corb Lund on Mulligan Stew


Some words from Terry David Mulligan about Corb Lund, who appears on his show, Mulligan Stew, this Saturday June 27, 2020 at 5:00 PM MT.

“Where would we be as a country without Corb Lund?”

James Miller writing in the Penticton Herald under the banner “Let’s make Albertans feel welcome.”

This Friday [June 26, 2020], Alberta’s Corb Lund releases his seventh album, Agricultural Tragic.

His six generations of farming and ranching shows in the songs and lyrics:

“May your rowels still be spinning
As they lay you in the ground..
Move your cattle easy
Treat your partner square,
Rein your pony gentle
Play your hand out fair”

– From “Dance with Your Spurs On,” co-written by Lund with Ned LeDoux

The themes that run through the songs are:

Old men and treating them right
Whisky (and tattoos after too much whisky)
Rats and bears
And the life of a cowboy.

Corby’s 2020 was all mapped out. Release the album, tour like crazy and win more fans and friends. On both sides of the border. And what an album. His best yet. The band was rocking. He was writing songs he’d lived with about things he passionately believed in.

Corb finally finished the song for his mother. It took a long time to come together because he wanted to get it right. It’s called “Never Not Had Horses,” a comment his mother made when the last horse left the ranch.

For Corb fans, there are instant classic to sing along with: 90 seconds of your time; Old men. Ranchin’, Ridin’ and Romance (two out of three ain’t bad). Tattoos Blues.

Right about now, Corb and the band are getting antsy; it’s time to get these songs on the road.

Enjoy the interview  with Corb Lund on Saturday’s Stew…we slide in five tracks and a lot of stories.