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House Blend Playlist: January 16, 2017

House Blend Playlist

Welcome to our inaugural House Blend Playlist — a handpicked soundtrack for the week, curated by CKUA’s hosts.

Every song was chosen by one of our on-air staff as something they are listening to — and loving — right now.  Check out the playlist for yourself then scroll down for each host’s thoughts on their choice.

Check back every Monday for a new, curated House Blend Playlist from CKUA.

The Playlist

The Picks

Mark Antonelli: Kalenda Maya, “El Rey de Francia (Sephardic Song)”

This is the first Sephardic Song I ever heard, from the first early music recording I ever bought, back in 1985. It had a huge impact on me and opened up a whole new world of music! The song has a certain melancholy feel to it which appeals to me, too. It still blows me away.

Lionel Rault: Dan Mangan, “Race To The Bottom”

Uptempo, catchy melody with insightful lyrics

David Ward: Childish Gambino, “Have Some Love”

Great groove, positive message.

Hayley Muir: Valerie June, “Shakedown”

The second single from her highly-anticipated, at least by me!, upcoming album. It’s a foot stompin’, sing along, perfect piece of down south gospel-blues.

Monica Miller: Roberto Fonseca, “Family”

I am currently obsessed with the Cuban pianist’s new album, ABUC. That’s CUBA spelled backwards. This track is just oh-so-groovy!

Andy Donnelly : Jennifer Cutting, “Waves”

Just a brilliant piece that explores just how far reaching the music of The Celts extends throughout our world.

Grant Stovel: Dr. Dog,”Survive”

Beneath this playful groove is a tender message — that the good times are right around the corner, if you can just hang on long enough.
This song isn’t available in Spotify – listen to it here

Tony King : Maarja Nuut, “Jaa-Ti-Daa”

Because the world needs to hear more beguiling young Estonian fiddlers!
This song isn’t available in Spotify.

Cam Hayden: Nick Moss Band, “From The Root To The Fruit”

Like Willie Dixon said, “The Blues is the root, the rest is the fruits.” This song, from an extremely-talented, contemporary bluesman, is part of a two-CD set that explores both the “roots” and the “fruits” of the blues.

Lisa Wilton, Smoove & Turrell, “50 Days of Winter”

This British duo from northeast England blends northern soul, funk, jazz and hip-hop together in this groovy number. A very contemporary sound with its roots firmly planted in the aforementioned genres. Catchy, memorable chorus and bonus points for making me want to dance.

Oskar Zybart: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Distant Sky”

I recently saw the great documentary about the making of the album: Skeleton Tree. “Distant Sky,” a beautiful piece in its own right, does a great job of capturing the mood of the film and of the band while making it. Slow, mellow, melodic, tragic, lovely.

Lark Clark: Roberto Fonseca, “Afro Mambo”

Roberto Fonseca grabs the electric current of mambo with both hands!

Kodi Hutchinson: Al Muirhead, “They Can’t Take That Away From Me”

I just love the interplay between two of Canada’s jazz trumpet greats; Al Muirhead and Guido Basso!

This song isn’t available in Spotify

Kathryn Calder: Himalayan Bear, “I Could Write A Mournful Tune”

Stellar songwriting — and Ryan Beattie has one of those knock-out baritone voices to boot.
This song isn’t available in Spotify – listen to it here

Baba: Graftician, “Like Water”

The sonic design of the track is great.
This song isn’t available in Spotify – listen to it here

Amy Van Keeken: Ron Davies, “It Ain’t Easy”

My band-mate in my new project introduced me to this original version of the song that David Bowie made famous on his 1972 album: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust. This version is by Ron Davies, the writer of the song, from his 1970 debut solo album: Silent Song Through the Land. The chorus is so catchy it’s been in my head for weeks.

Terry David Mulligan: The Courtneys, “Silver Velvet”

They’re from Vancouver and the song will be welcomed shortly when we get it.