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CKUA is a full circle journey

Community Profiles

Tina Wolfe is a member of CKUA’s Marketing and Sales Team, leading many of CKUA’s initiatives related to communications, social media, and community relations. She’s also been a CKUA donor since 2005, and an ongoing monthly donor for ten years. We caught up with Tina to find out why CKUA is important to her.

“CKUA has created a space that benefits musicians, culture makers, and local venues. These things are all important to me. And I love the creativity and curiosity of the hosts. They offer personal, authentic storytelling while they share amazing musical selections from diverse artists.”

Don’t ask Tina to pick a favourite CKUA program, though. “I appreciate the variety of the songs, and the discovery of new artists. CKUA has introduced me to so many artists, that I then have the good fortune to see perform in person. When you hear one of the songs again on CKUA it’s like a full-circle music journey. Knowing that Terry David Mulligan has been interviewing musicians for decades, and likely remembers each and every one, is amazing. Leeroy Stagger has played or toured with so many artists, and his own musical style has been influenced by the community. These connections to the music community are reflected in the stories that are shared, and the songs that are played. It’s all incredible.”

Based in Calgary, Tina often heads to the mountains for hiking, biking, and relaxing. When we asked her what she listens to on the highway between Calgary and Canmore, she says, “You need some good driving tunes, especially when you are out of service—although CKUA’s coverage is pretty great, and your dollars make that happen. A few favourites are Mariel Buckley, Dr. John, Allison Russell, and the list goes on.”

Tina is looking forward to the Fall Fundraiser and hopes that more people come forward to show their support for CKUA by donating. “There are not a lot of stations like CKUA in the world, and if you believe in the power of music, and how it makes you feel, I encourage you to give. Personally, I find one of the easiest ways to support is with a monthly donation. It’s like a subscription that actually pays back with incredible music, hosts, and conversation.”