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House Blend Playlist: December 10, 2018

House Blend Playlist

Every week, CKUA’s hosts submit their songs for our weekly House Blend playlist: an exciting new release, a beloved classic or just an old personal favourite. We mix it all together to create a sonic concoction that’ll help kick off your week. Check out what’s on this week’s playlist.

The Playlist


The Picks

Grant Stovel: Anderson Paak, “The Chase”

The opening track from Anderson Paak’s new album picks you up, revs the engine, takes you for a dizzying, unpredictable cruise and drops you off three minutes later at the side of the road, wondering – what the heck just happened? On the journey, you encounter funky flutes, Kadhja Bonet’s unearthly voice, Shaft-style wah-wah, some vintage sports references, and Paak urging you (in his characteristically cryptic-yet-genial manner) to stay on the ride till you get where you need to go.


Baba: Amos Lee, “Little Light”

As we move towards the winter solstice with shorter and shorter days, even a ‘Little Light’ is of great significance! (A little light is all we need when it’s getting darker.)


Tony King: Jessie Reyez, “Apple Juice”

Jessie Reyez is a Toronto-based artist of Colombian descent who is poised to see a meteoric rise in her career, hot on the heels of her latest release, Being Human in Public. “Apple Juice” is one of the more sweet, soulful — not to mention radio friendly — outings from this gifted songwriter who has collaborated with Eminem. Having amassed a reputation as an energetic live performer who doesn’t pull any punches, this single lays the groundwork for amazing things to come from Jessie Reyez!


Tom Coxworth: Raine Hamilton, “Aurora in the Meadow”

A perfect song: a point on the map and a point under the stars. Raine received the emerging artist award at the recent Canadian Folk Music Awards


Derina Harvey: Hillsburn, “Like the Winter”

From the album, In the Battle Years, released in 2016, “Like the Winter” feels fresh and light with ear-pleasing harmonies. The sparse acoustic instrument arrangement is supported with warm key patches — like the snowfall builds nicely even without percussion. A pleasant and positive message lyrically —  has winter references but is not a  Christmas song.  Hillsburn is a Halifax-based independent band.


Hayley Muir: Baby Jey, “U Don’t Have 2 Go Alone”

I’ve been really digging the new album from Edmonton’s Baby Jey, Someday Cowboy. Lots of very chill, warm vibes all over it and some pretty stellar production work. “U Don’t Have 2 Go Alone” is the sunny, feel-good track we all need, with interesting vocal melodies and harmonies. It’s like a grown-up indie-pop play on the Sesame Street theme, which is maybe a weird association but hey! The mind wanders where it wanders!


Lisa Wilton: Peter & The Wolves, “Jailbird Josephine”

A show-stopping tune in Peter & The Wolves’ live sets, “Jailbird Josephine” swings and slinks as Pete Cormier sings the tale of his ‘bad baby’ who’s always on the wrong side of the law. This vintage-sounding track can be found on the Calgary band’s latest, Howlin’ & Prowlin’.


Kodi Hutchinson: Tony Bennett & Diana Krall, “I Got Rhythm”

Two different generations of jazz come together to show that great musicians transcend eras. Diana Krall is doing some of her best work in her career as of late and Tony Bennett is well — Tony Bennett!


Orest Soltykevych: Millar Brass Ensemble, “Mary Poppins: Chim Chim Cher-ee (in the style of Pachelbel)”

In 1995, a recording called Heigh-Ho! Mozart was released, featuring favourite tunes from Disney movies, which were arranged in the compositional style of renowned classical music composers. A sequel came out the following year, Bibbidi Bobbidi Bach, and this track is from that recording. It’s one of the songs from the 1964 American musical-fantasy film, Mary Poppins, which received a total of 13 Oscar nominations and won five!


Amy van Keeken: Thundercat, “King of the Hill”

Released October 30, “King of the Hill” is a killer collaborative track by Thundercat, Flying Lotus and BADBADNOTGOOD. Just a great groove, sweet beats and Thundercat’s vocals soaring above all. The song is included on a 36-track compilation put out by Flying Lotus’s label, Brainfeeder X, to celebrate their tenth anniversary.