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CKUA celebrates long-time volunteer Karen Titanich

Community Profiles

Karen Titanich has been a part of the CKUA community for a long time! She and her husband Ed have been listeners and fundraiser volunteers for decades. Karen has also contributed hundreds of hours in other areas, providing invaluable support in data entry, web content, and with CKUA’s online events calendar. It’s hard to put into words how much we appreciate her, so we invited her to speak for herself, asking her to reflect on her time with CKUA.

Five Questions with Karen Titanich

 Do you remember the first time you heard CKUA? 
After Ed and I moved to Grande Prairie from Hamilton, Ontario in the late ‘70s, I was frustrated with the limited radio choices and hit scan on my car radio. Suddenly, this wonderful music was playing, and I quickly saved the station. I kept listening to find out what this magical, musical gem was called: CKUA.

What led you to volunteer? 
Ed volunteered in a pledge drive in the spring of 1996. He had so much fun, so I signed up to volunteer with him at the next pledge drive. In those days, there was a physical tote board, a room full of telephone volunteers, and stacks and stacks of paper. The shift leader had to reconcile the totals at the end of each shift. Oh, how times have changed.

What volunteer roles have you done at CKUA? 
I’ve been a telephone volunteer, shift manager and data manager during the on-site fundraisers, and also entered data during the recent virtual fund drives. In 2017, I asked Kevin Wilson if he needed a volunteer. He said yes. Since then, I have helped update the website, evaluated the music being played by the announcers, created the playlists for one year of Play It Again, and edited the CKUA Events Calendar.

Many of our volunteers have not been able to see each other during gathering restrictions. Do you have a message for our crew of beloved volunteers, or a song you’d like to send out to them? 
For years, the pledge room volunteers tried to tell the CKUA staff that the prizes were not needed. That CKUA was the prize and all that was needed. I think several successful $1M campaigns have proven them right. So, to all those pledge room volunteers, you were right! During these COVID times, CKUA is the perfect connector. Please reach out if you need to connect. We are all in this together—as  a family and a broader world-wide community. I would like to send out the medley “Over the Rainbow” and “What a Wonderful World,” recorded by Hawaiian singer Israel Kamakawiwoʻole AKA Bruddah IZ.

What is your favourite volunteer memory? 
I have two. It has always been a thrill to meet with other members of the CKUA family, including volunteers and staff, during the fundraisers, whether they be in-person or virtual. The other was helping the station and the announcers better understand the Canadian content requirements. I love learning new things, and working on that was a blast! Thanks to CKUA for allowing me to volunteer for 25 years.

Thank you so much for all your hard work, Karen!


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